Proudly Made in America: Carhartt Introduces American Made Products

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Carhartt began as an American company back in 1889. Rapid progress followed but like today’s uncertain economic times, Carhartt was hit by the Great Depression in the late 1920’s. Three surviving plants remained from that uncertain time. However, now Carhartt Clothing is made in over 17 plants spanning across the world. With American jobs being lost and high unemployment dotting the charts, Carhartt has decided to do something about this, for their country. Four of Carhartt’s most popular products will be made completely in the United States for the Fall 2012 line. Again, you are hearing this correctly. Carhartt has made the ultimate decision to stop outsourcing some of their most popular styles. Although this will increase American jobs, this may also increase the overall cost for Carhartt to produce these items. This is something they are willing and proud to do, ultimately in supporting the American workers. The styles that will now be solely American made are the J131, J140, J001 and the B01. These items all pertain to the Carhartt clothing line. These include J131 Men’s Active Duck Jacket with thermal lining, J140 Men’s Duck Active Jacket quilted with flannel lining, J001 Men’s Duck Detroit Jacket with blanket lining and B01 Men’s Double Front Dungaree Work Pants. All colors of these lines will be made in the US starting in Fall 2012. Get your Carhartt workwear at, and make sure you search for these items so you can boast your American Pride! If you really love Carhartt, try their new Carhartt Work Boots which are now offered at starting January 2012 with the introduction of new styles continuing into Spring 2012. There are exciting things happening at Carhartt!

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