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Like most of the best ideas, Working Person’s store began with disappointment. In October 1994, Dennis Deniger realized that disappointment when he couldn’t find a single store that could outfit him from head to toe with appropriate work wear. So he started his own. He bought a small shoe repair business from Virgil and Joanne Waltz in the small town of Lakeville, Indiana called V&J shoes, and less than 18 years later, that small beginning turned into a multi-million dollar company. Today, with his son Eric Deniger running the family business, Working Person’s Store is the #1 world-wide destination for quality work clothing, work footwear and safety gear, serving thousands of customers daily, on five different continents. And it is one of the 500 fastest-growing privately-owned businesses in the country. We still aren’t the biggest, but we’re proud to be the best. Through the boom of the Internet and the collapse of the economy, Working Person’s Store has remained successful because we have remained focused on our customers. The buying experience is different here. We believe that quality isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Which is why we only sell quality products that pass stringent requirements for durability and reliability, and we sell them at a price that you can afford. And we guarantee it, with our exclusive 120% Price Protection Guarantee, and free shipping on orders of $49 or more. We serve businesses and government agencies including all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Our team is dedicated to serving the needs of these organizations and will help you every step of the way. We have attractive programs for groups of all sizes and offer time-saving and cost effective services such as in-house embroidery and screen printing. We are also an approved GSA vendor. We maintain a great selection of work boots, work uniforms, fire-resistant apparel, high visibility apparel, work gloves and safety glasses from great brands like Carhartt Clothing, Wolverine Boots, Dickies Uniforms and Workwear, Danner Boots, Bates Boots, Converse Boots and more. We work to keep our customers updated on the latest developments in work wear, with We launched this site to raise awareness about the products we offer, help our customers learn about those products and technology, and provide information for people who might not know about We work closely with our retailers to put the most useful information in a place that is easily accessible. Today, as when the business began almost two decades ago, when you shop at Working Person's Store and, you'll still feel like you're shopping in a small shoe store in a small town in Indiana. Our attention and customer service makes that as true today as it ever was.
Protecting your feet is important, especially when you are on your feet constantly for your work. If you work around heavy machinery or outside, you know just how dangerous the workplace can be. Things fall, just looking to crush those toes. Don’t leave your feet unprotected because without them, you won’t be able to get your work done. People are counting on you, so you need to be as safe as possible. When you need a good, strong pair of steel toe work boots or shoes, Working Person’s Store is your go to retailer. With brands such as Timberland Pro, Wolverine, Dickies, and Dr. Martens, Working Person’s Store is always compliant with the safety codes. Most jobs require certain safety compliance and each and every brand that is sold [...]

The Georgia Boot Company has introduced the innovative Thermal-Tec collect. These work boots are specially designed to withstand the most intense and harsh environments. These work boots are available in spring 2013, to ensure an easy fit at any temperature; the Thermal-Tec collection incorporates heat-resistant components throughout the construction of boot. Thermal-Tec boots are suitable for worksites like steel mills, metal fabrication and road construction. The marketing manager for Georgia Boot, Mr. Jordan Gottke said that we were hearing that more and more of our customers needed a boot for high-heat conditions. He further said that every facet of this boot was designed with that in mind. We hope that we have created the standard for which [...]

When you purchase a pair of high-quality work boots or shoes, you are making an investment.  You shop hard to find the best boot for your job with all of the right features and expect your boots to work for you by providing comfort and safety.  Quality boots have the potential to last you years and years and suffer minimal damage.  However, you must do your part and care for them properly and, thus, extend their life. Owning a pair of boots made from leather or synthetic materials requires regular maintenance.  To preserve leather, you must clean it to remove dust and dirt and apply a leather conditioner.  Different leathers and materials, however, require different care steps.  It is important to read the label or box that comes [...]

Muck Boot Company Contributes To Hunter’s Rescue

There’s a very good chance that you woke up today, and didn’t give the risks of your job a second thought. In fact, most of us never really think [...]

Enjoy the Outdoors With the Right Winter Apparel

For many, winter is a dreaded time of year.  The roads are hazardous, the weather is unpleasant, and let’s not forget about the frigid temperatures [...]

Which Glove Safety Ratings Apply To You?

Glove ratings can be a useful piece of information when it comes to selecting the right gloves for you.  However, the key is to pay attention to the [...]

Fox River: An American Made Brand Made for Working People

Proudly made in the USA, Fox River has been providing its services since 1900 as a leading U.S. manufacture of quality work socks, gloves and various [...]

Why Choose Thinsulate?

The holidays are approaching at a rapid pace, and while the warmth of the season might seem like enough to get through the winter, it isn’t. After [...]

2014 Workwear Manual from Working Person’s Store

Online shopping doesn’t get much easier than it is on  With great photographs and detailed descriptions, customers like you can [...]

OSHA’s “Focus Four Hazards”

In any industry that makes use of powerful equipment and requires employees to work outdoors, there are bound to be some major hazards and risks.  [...]

Selecting the Right Boots for Winter Weather

The winter season can present many challenges at the workplace as well as safety risks.  With cold temperatures and the presence of ice and snow, [...]

Not All Insulated Gloves Are Created Equal

If you work in industries such as oil and gas, mining, transportation and construction, you know that the work does not stop when the weather turns [...]

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