Wear Steel Toe Work Boots For Foot Protection

Steel Toe Work Boots

Wear Steel Toe Work Boots For Safety

Like most of the body, the human foot is a biological masterpiece.  It is strong, flexible, and with its functional design your feet are able to do their job and do it well. That is, as long as you follow proper foot care guidelines. There are some simple things you can do everyday at home to keep your feet safe. Always wash and dry them daily. Check your feet for any corns, calluses or other abnormalities regularly. If you notice anything peculiar, visit your podiatrist. It helps to keep your toenails trimmed straight across and allow the nail to be slightly longer than the rest of the toe. All of these methods will help to protect your feet and keep them in good working condition. Continue Reading…

Pyramex Safety Glasses – Top Rated and Built To Last

Pyramex Safety GlassesPyramex Safety Eyewear was recently involved in an independent study for performance during the months of January and February of 2011. The results are astounding. Various models of Pyramex safety glasses along with two other competitors’ safety glasses were tested and compared. Scientific analysis was performed in 5 different areas including Lens Color, Comfort, Adjustability, Overall Liking and Protection. Pyramex rated the highest of the three compared companies in all 5 areas. 500 people tested these safety glasses 5,000 times. The ratings in this comparison are significantly higher than the other two competitors that were also being tested. Continue Reading…

Wolverine DuraShocks: 20 Years of Solid, Comfortable Boots

Wolverine DuraShocks Work Boots
Wolverine boots and shoes
 have been trusted for over 20 years. Their DuraShock line of work boot is one of the most comfortable working boots in the business with their lightweight dual-density construction. Did you know that when you walk, a huge amount of pressure is placed on your feet? Wolverine DuraShocks relieves that pressure with DuraShock Technology by providing your feet with comfort as you stand and walk. This technology revolutionized the work boot industry when it was created back in 1991. These boots contain pads used specifically for compression to spread the shock over the entire foot. Continue Reading…

Nylon Use In Workwear

Carhartt Extreme Nylon Workwear
It was in the 1930’s, when trade relations between the US and Japan were going downhill, that Dupont decided to look for an alternative to silk.  In April of 1930, a lowly lab assistant, working with an ester (not your friend’s sister– it’s an acid and an alcohol together), found a strong chemical that could be drawn into a fiber.  Unfortunately, it melted easily–not a good omen for summer clothing. Wallace Hume Carothers took over, and after testing 100 polyamides (don’t ask), came up with nylon. Unfortunately, after marrying a co-worker in 1936, Mr. Carothers, who had a history of depression, took his own life by swallowing cyanide in 1937, before the substance was even named. Continue Reading…

How Tough is Puncture-Resistant Footwear?

Puncture Resistant Footwear
Whether you work in construction, demolition, mining, rescue, law enforcement, or in a junkyard, the last thing you want to do is step on a sharp object and know it without seeing it.  Other than singing the old tune, “we hate when that happens,” Working Person’s Store offers you a slew of safety boots and shoes to ward off this evil.  Let us explain …

That old standby, the American Society for Testing and Materials, in their valiant effort to help keep you safe, has spelled out what you can expect from puncture-resistant shoes and boots in their classic “F2413-05 Standard Requirements for Protective Footwear.” Continue Reading…

Slip-Resistant Work Footwear Basics

Slip Resistant Footwear
As a rule, athletic shoes and footwear with leather soles are typically not designed with the proper sole compounds, tread patterns and other properties that make them slip-resistant in most work environments. Luckily, there are several footwear vendors.  Grabbers and Skidbuster are well-known for offering a wide range of popular styles with the slip resistant properties needed to reduce the chance of an employee slip & fall injury.

A suitable test that measures footwear slip resistance can be found with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F1677-96. This testing method covers the operational procedures for using a slip testing device for determining the slip resistance of footwear outsoles under dry, wet or greasy (contaminated) conditions. This test utilizes a scale from 0 to 1. With 1 being the most slip-resistant. This test may help establish the best footwear protection for the job at hand. Restaurant and chef shoes are a great place to start your search for slip-resistant footwear since those types of professions commonly deal with wet or greasy floor conditions.

Continue Reading…

How Bright Is Your Flashlight?

When you’re buying a flashlight, like in our Pelican or Streamlight lines or Petzl headlamps, you sometimes want to know how bright it is.  Often the terms used to describe this can be confusing, so here it is–down and dirty:

Candlepower is obvious–it’s how bright a candle is (“radiance”) right next to the candle.  Candela is an alternate term for this.

If you measured how bright the light was a foot away from the candle, you’d have a Foot-Candela. (So far, no problemo, right?) Continue Reading…

Carhartt Creating Buzz with New Boot Line in 2012


Carhartt Boots

Carhartt Boots Just Got Better With This New Line!

Carhartt, in association with Black Diamond Group is set to release a new line of boots in March 2012. Changes are being made to manufacturing and the result is exciting new styles that will be available at Working Person’s Store as soon as January 2012. If you want updated versions of Carhartt boots, this is your chance! Features such as waterproof membranes, rugged waterproof full-grain leather, Achilles heel support, Ortholite Comfort Tongue – exclusive to Carhartt, Comfort Footbed also by Ortholite, Carhartt Proprietary Heel Guard and Vibram Rubber are all included in the new lines of boots. And don’t forget, all these new boots have stylish new designs to go with their incredible comfort and safety features.

Continue Reading…

The Benefits of LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs
It’s time for the Holidays again. Inevitably, the lights have to go up on the house, tree and what other creative place you can think to put them. As technology has advanced, you notice the use of much brighter LED bulbs versus grandma’s traditional strings of lights that need to be replaced every other year. So, what are LED lights, why are they so bright and how do they last so long and how are they different from other flashlights?

Continue Reading…

Leather Tanning: It’s a Process

Leather Tanning

Leather Tanning

Tanning of leather is the process created to convert skin or hide into leather. These have the ability to absorb chemicals such as tannic acid which keep them from decomposing, water resistant durable and supple. Surfaces of the hide include oil glands and hair which is considered the grain side while the flesh side is considered to be softer. Hides come from sheep, cattle and porcine animals. The process is essentially a reaction of the fibers of collagen with different chemicals of which, the most prevalent would be vegetable tannins and trivalent chromium for starters. Continue Reading…

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