What is ASTM?



You will begin to see safety toe standards transitioning from the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards to new standards known as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world and a preeminent source for technical documentation for industries worldwide. You can find all sorts of safety footwear at WorkingPerson.com. Each pair is a little different giving you choices so you can find the perfect pair of safety toe boots or shoesContinue Reading…

What is EH Footwear?

Electrical Hazard Rated Footwear

Electrical Hazard Rated Footwear

Working with electricity can be dangerous. Engineers, electricians, linesmen, maintenance men, and other professionals work with electricity directly, including working on overhead lines, cable harnesses, and circuit assemblies. Others, such as office workers and salespeople work with electricity indirectly and may also be exposed to electrical hazards. Electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard. OSHA’s electrical standards are designed to protect employees exposed to dangers such as electric shock, electrocution, fires, and explosions. That is why Working Person’s Store carries protective EH footwear to keep you safe in times of need.  Continue Reading…

What is ESD Footwear?


ESD Footwear

ESD Footwear Prevents The Build Up Of Static

Working Person’s Store knows how important it is to carry safety footwear to keep you free from Electrostatic injuries. In ordinary circumstances, static electricity and ESD are little more than an annoyance. However, in an increasingly technological age, the familiar static shock we receive when walking across a carpet can be costly or dangerous. That is why protective footwear is a a necessity. This same static discharge can ignite flammable mixtures and damage electronic components. Static electricity can attract contaminants in clean environments or cause products to stick together. Static electricity is defined as an electrical charge caused by an imbalance of electrons on the surface of a material.

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Revised ANSI 207 PSV 2011 Standard

ANSI 207 PSV 2011 Standard

Hi-Vis clothing is used to protect the wearer. As a safety factor, rules and regulations must be in place when wearing hi-vis clothing in a work environment. Although you may have questions about hi-vis clothing, that is not what this article is about. This articles main purpose is to inform you that changes have been made, therefore standards have been updates. The updates have been defined in the following… Continue Reading…

Footwear Construction

footwear construction wps blog

Footwear construction can get a little bit complicated to the untrained eye. That is why we took the time to break down the anatomy of footwear into the various parts, to help the readers grasp a better understanding of how it is made. This will not only help to educate, but to make better decisions about how to locate the type of footwear which would meet your needs best.  So lets get started…

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Frequently Asked Questions about HI-VIS Clothing

Hight Visibility Clothing

High Visibility Clothing

1. Who wears ANSI/ISEA Clothing?
The answer to this question can be found in ISEA/ANSI 107-2004 Appendix B for the appropriate class of apparel.

2. Who are ISEA and ANSI?
ISEA is short for International Safety Equipment Association and the American National Standards Institute’s acronym is ANSI. ISEA is both the trade association for and publishes and develops the standards for suppliers in the United States of safety and personal protective equipment. ANSI administers the voluntary standardization of this equipment in the US. Continue Reading…

Carhartt Losing One Partner While Gaining Another


Carhartt Work Boots

New & Improved Carhartt Work Boots

Carhartt Footwear is gaining one partner while losing another. Red Wing Shoes, a long time partner in building the famous footwear line is winding down operations as of September of this year. Carhartt announced the selection of Black Diamond Group as its new licensee for the branded footwear line back in June. The results of these two companies collaboration will be an initial product of at least thirty different styles. These will be available through select retailers and at their personal website. The line itself is part of the Spring 2012 line. Continue Reading…

Anatomy of Footwear

Work Boot Anatomy

In this discussion, we will be speaking about the fundamentals of footwear. Thousands of different styles and types of footwear exist but they all fall into categories that are based on their materials and construction. All of the basic categories of construction will be covered so that the reader has knowledge of these. With the terminology, there is going to be a learning curve and it may seem overwhelming at first. Take the time to absorb all the presented information that is being shown to you. As you read along, it will be easy to be able to readily see how footwear can be constructed. Continue Reading…

Do it Yourself – Boot Sole Repair

Waterproofing Boots

Waterproof And Condition Boots To Extend The Life

When conditioning and waterproofing your boots isn’t enough to keep you boots from coming apart, take things into your own hands with these easy to follow sole repair steps. When your boot’s soles become a problem, a good solution is needed in order to repair any type of boots. An easy fix has been found and can be a permanent repair for your boot soles. Make sure that the boot has been washed and dried before attempting the repair. Once they dry then proceed further. Rubbing alcohol should be used, wiping the bottom and sole of the boot that is damaged. Newspaper will then be needed in order to stuff the boot rigid. When this step is completed, proceed to the next step. Continue Reading…

Heel Exercises Give Heel Pain the Slip

Heel Pain

Exercise To Reduce Heel Pain

Many people around the world deal with problems with their feet on a daily basis. Because of this, they are forced to find different routes for healing or pain relief.  One major problem that has left people suffering is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful condition that can occur after activities such as jogging, standing or walking on hard surfaces. This condition is very painful to deal with and can take months to heal. A variety of treatments have been available currently in order to treat heel pain such as anti-inflammatory medications and different forms of orthopedics with varying degrees of success. Recently, a discovery was made that has significant implications for plantar fasciitis sufferers.  A stretch involving the heel has the potential to ease and even eliminate the pain of plantar fasciitis in most people. The stretch is deceptively simple. Continue Reading…

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