Carhartt’s main focus is providing you with quality work clothes, and they’ve got decades of experience to prove it. The family-owned business is based in Dearborn, Michigan, and it’s been around since 1889. You need durable workwear to keep you protected all day at work, and Carhartt has the work pants, women’s and men’s shirts, insulated coats, and plenty of other outerwear items and accessories that will provide you with long-lasting wear and comfort. With quality materials and craftsmanship that have been helping hardworking people for years, you can be sure you can trust this brand for years to come as well.

With winter right around the corner, many of you will soon be seeing snow. For others, though, this means rainfall and lots of it. So it’s a good time to start thinking about staying dry when you go outside. Here at Working Person’s Store, we have an absolutely huge selection of men’s and women’s waterproof jackets. Furthermore, our inventory includes brands like: Carhartt Eddie Bauer Tingley Rubber Helly Hansen 5.11 Tactical …and many, many more. The point is, regardless of your fashion sense, we have women’s and men’s water-resistant jackets in every style under the sun (even when you can’t see it). Rain Coats and So Much More What’s the best waterproof jacket we sell here at Working Person’s [...]

Since he retired from the Late Show, David Letterman now has plenty of free time to do whatever he wants. That includes wearing a Carhartt long-sleeve shirt, according to a recent GQ article. He doesn't have people telling him to wear fancy suits, and he's finally able to enjoy the good things in life. Oh, and he's grown a beard, too. To us, that says all-around rugged comfort. After hosting the talk show for 33 years, the clean-cut Letterman chooses to reach for a Carhartt shirt. Retirement means you get to do what you want - whenever you want, so we like his decisions. Carhartt has more than just work shirts. With cold weather approaching, you can count on their insulated coveralls, men's and women's sweatshirts, and hooded jackets. [...]

From the very beginning, Working Person’s Store has been committed to providing high quality workwear to those with the harshest jobs out there. One sign you have a tough job is when you’re required to wear flame-resistant clothing and accessories, which is why we have plenty of FR workwear options that work as hard as you do. Working around fire hazards is risky business. From raincoats, accessories, jackets, and overalls to shirts (check out our own brand of fire-resistant shirts!) and even underwear, we offer flame-resistant options to literally cover you from head to toe. Our FR products meet standards ranging from ASTM, OSHA, and other safety compliances to keep you guarded. There are a variety of fabric styles to meet your specific [...]

Carhartt Bags Work Hard For You

We all have a bunch of stuff to carry. We aren’t octopuses, so our hands are only capable of a limited amount of holding. (Though we often surprise [...]

Sunglasses That Are All About Safety

When you’re cruising around town on a bright summer day (in your sports car, duh), you’re probably wearing sunglasses. If you’re not, you definitely [...]

Celebrate America with USA-Made Products

America…the land of the free, home of the brave - the place where quality products are made! Whether it's the 4th of July or the middle of December, [...]

Madison Bumgarner Joins Carhartt's 2015 Spring Campaign

Madison Bumgarner proudly wore Carhartt shirts long before his recent partnership with the women's and men's workwear company. But the left-handed MLB [...]

Carhartt Rugged Flex Introduces Polos and Pants

It’s one thing to be uncomfortable while working in a cubicle—at least you have that awesome air-conditioning! But it’s something else to be [...]

Introducing Carhartt Force Men's Underwear to WPS

Your men’s underwear bunch up, retain moisture like a sponge, and are generally uncomfortable. Why settle for discomfort? Carhartt Base Force boxers [...]

A Brief History of FR

When you think of fire-resistant clothing, you probably immediately imagine fire fighters, welding shops, and maybe even electricians. With sparks flying [...]

Tips to Help Avoid Frostbite

It’s 0-degrees F outside, and there are 15mph winds, so you’re a mere 30 minutes away from frostbite. That makes it -19-degrees F with the windchill [...]

Working Person’s Store Keeps Growing

Working Person’s Store added over 6,000 square feet to their South Bend fulfillment operations center, giving them over 23,000 square feet of warehouse [...]

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