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The APMA Approves Select Blundstone Footwear

The APMA Approves Blundstone Work Boots

The APMA Approves Blundstone Work Boots

The health of your feet is a very important factor when thinking about your work. Uncomfortable work boots and shoes can be a pain in the butt, and in the foot, especially if your job requires you to be on your feet for several hours a day.  No one wants to suffer from tired, achy feet day in and day out, but how do you know what types of footwear won’t cause foot pain and discomfort?  Luckily, the American Podiatric Medical Association’s (APMA) Seal of Acceptance Program does the homework for you and finds the best in footwear – shoes and boots that are not only comfortable, but also promote good foot health if worn long term. Continue Reading…

Wolverine DuraShocks: 25 Million Satisfied Customers

Wolverine Boots Durashock Technology

We don’t have to say much about Wolverine DuraShocks work boots. The numbers speak for themselves. In 20 years, more than 25 million pairs have been sold. Wow. So there you go. Enjoy the rest of your day. In a pair of Wolverine Durashocks work boots, probably.

Ah, what the heck. Let’s go ahead and live dangerously and say more. On second thought, that’s exactly the opposite of what you’ll be doing with a pair of Wolverine Durashocks work boots on your feet. Because Wolverine DuraShocks Comfort Technology provides the comfort, durability, and hardworking performance that your job demands. With these on your feet, you can rest assured that your feet will be safe throughout the work day.  Continue Reading…

Wrangler’s U-Fit Jeans: Comfort Where it Counts

Wrangler Jeans Feature U-Crotch Construction

If Dale Earnhardt, Jr., was in a band, he’d have no interest in Wrangler’s U-Fit style jeans. No, he’d be into the whole “pinch-your-legs-tight” variety. But Dale Earnhardt, Jr., isn’t in a band, is he? No, he’s a race car driver. And a pretty darn good one. So if Dale Earnhardt, Jr., is smart enough to avoid “band guy” jeans, let’s just be willing to trust his judgement on Wrangler U-Fit style jeans too.

Let’s think about this for a second. Earnhardt spends four hours a pop in one of the most pressure-packed situations on Earth. Sitting in that tiny little seat, strapped into a 200 mile-per-hour death machine. The man knows what it’s like to be uncomfortable. So if there’s anybody who’d be able to recognize comfort, it’d be Earnhardt. Continue Reading…

Rockport Work Boots Perform Like Athletic Shoes, Thanks to adiPRENE by Adidas

Rockport Works Features adiPRENE

For more than 60 years, Adidas has been synonymous with athletic success. That’s because adidas knows how to make athletic gear that gives athletes what they need to be their best. For years now, adidas has been helping athletes improve their performance with the use of its adiPRENE technology, an advanced support system in the sole of its footwear.

The effectiveness of adiPRENE can be observed through a simple demonstration using a golf ball. You see, adiPRENE performs two distinct functions. Orange adiPRENE absorbs shock, while yellow adiPRENE provides energy rebound. When the golf ball is dropped on the orange (shock-absorbing) adiPRENE, nothing happens. It doesn’t even bounce. But when the golf ball is dropped on the yellow (energy rebound) adiPRENE, it acts like a super ball, bouncing all over the place. This has the same effect on your foot. The orange adiPRENE is placed in the heel, to give cushion and support and comfort, which eases fatigue and keeps you fresh. The yellow adiPRENE is placed in the front of your foot, acting as a spring, which gives you that extra boost in your step, making each step lighter and less tiring. Continue Reading…

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