Gore-Tex is what makes some footwear and outerwear waterproof. The membranes contain over 9 billion microscopic pores that are about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water – but 700 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor. This means water can’t penetrate the Gore-Tex membranes, but moisture vapors can escape it. Gore-Tex garments are made to be waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Some styles of Danner, Chippewa, and Wolverine boots feature the advanced Gore-Tex technology.

Tried for product performance by Seattle Backpackers Magazine.com again this winter, Wolverine Boots’ Fulcrum Hiking Boots “fit like a glove” after a break-in period, said the author who recently re-tested Fulcrum hiking boots and commented in a review in January of this year.  Waterproof and with an Individual Comfort System inside the sole, these sturdy hikers were talus-filled, mountain-tested about 250 miles, a “go-to” hiking boot that can weather fall, winter, and spring…and also last many more seasons with extreme comfort. The men’s Individual Comfort System Hiking Boots 7046 (Black) and the Waterproof Vibram Sole Hiking Boots (Brown), both of sturdy, full-grain, flexible waterproof leather, naturally resistant to [...]

Winter winds will soon be blowing and hazards associated with exposure to cold come with the season. Without proper protection, people who work outside during winter, as well as those whose interior work environments expose them to cold, face serious health risks such as frostbite, hypothermia, and even death. Fortunately, risks associated with exposure to cold can be reduced substantially with the proper work attire, and today we offer information and resources to help you prepare now for protection against unnecessary risk. OSHA created tips and guidelines to help protect workers, include learning to recognize unsafe environmental factors, recognizing the symptoms of temperature-related illness and injury, eating the right foods during [...]

For those of us who work outdoors in the winter, like construction workers, utility workers, road crews, commercial fishermen, police officers, firefighters and military members just to name a few, specialized weather-appropriate clothing and accessories are a necessity. In addition to health risks like hypothermia and frostbite that are caused by exposure to cold weather, there are other issues that cold weather presents in the outdoor workplace. Extreme cold can also decrease efficiency and increase the likelihood of work-related accidents and injuries. This is because your brain and body are both slowed by the cold. The dexterity of your fingers is reduced when they’re cold. Ever try to type after a snowball fight? Difficult. The [...]

Danner Tektite Work Boots: A Big Step in Innovation

Walk into a store and head to the work boot section, and the experience is all the same. A wall of black and brown that all look and sound the same. [...]

Gore-Tex Waterproof Technology Solves the Old Age Question

It’s a question that has mystified civilizations for centuries. Different tactics were tried. First, hedges. After that, fences. Then came walls. [...]

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