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Selecting the Right Boots for Winter Weather


The winter season can present many challenges at the workplace as well as safety risks.  With cold temperatures and the presence of ice and snow, workers need to be thoughtful in selecting the right protective gear to wear on the job.  One of the most important piece of safety equipment is the work boot.  Without the right pair of winter work boots, you could be at risk for slips, trips and falls.

With all of the work boot options that are out there today, it can be difficult to select the one that will best fit your needs.  It is essential for you to keep in mind the conditions that you may be working under.  Will you be working outdoors?  If so, how cold can it get?  How much snow and rain can you expect?  And, what kind of work will you be doing?  By answering these questions you can narrow down your options and choose the boots that have the features you need.  It is also important to familiarize yourself with some of the safety features of work boots, that way you know exactly what to look for. Continue Reading…

Carhartt Top Quality Wedge Work Boots for Every WorkingPerson


The name of topnotch work wear, Carhartt is again introducing the best wedge work boots for all the hard working persons. From decades, Carhartt is the leading brand in the industry of quality work wear ranging from jackets and pants to versatile work boots.

Carhartt work boots are widely known among corporate persons for their different and comfortable styles. Almost every businessperson feels confident about the quality of Carhartt work boots due to its compliance with all the laws and mandates. These work boots are a symbol of appreciation for every worker who purchases them. Continue Reading…

ASTM F2413 – 11 Footwear Safety Standards



When you are on the job, you always briskly do your tasks to meet the quality and deadlines that are set for you. You have so much to do on the already that you cannot think anymore about your safety. In such hustle and bustle of jobsite activities, in case you fall down while walking quickly, you always face risks of foot fracture, especially the toe area. While rushing to get done the routine workplace works, you cannot think or guess if your steel toe boots are made with a good safety toe protective cap or not. Daily you are just at the mercy of your safety footwear and hope that they will keep you safe from any foot or toe fractures. Continue Reading…

Bogs: Not Just Any Work Boots

BOGS Waterproof Work Boots

If you’re looking for waterproof rubber work boots that do more than keep the water out, look no further than the Bogs Boots, specifically the Journeyman STMG, available at Working Person’s Store.  We know that safety, comfort and functionality are top priorities when it comes to choosing a work boots and these Bogs have all these qualities and more.

The Bogs Journeyman Steel Toe Met-Guard Boots (52426), an industrial 15 inch steel toe boots lock out water with durable, high-performance rubber that protect you from the elements.  On the inside, these rubber boots are equipped with a dual-density Ortholite insole.  The insole wicks moisture with New Channel Air technology to keep feet dry and also provides cushioning for comfort all day long.  With lining that insulates and circulates air, these waterproof rubber boots keep feet dry and warm even in temperatures as low as -20 F.

With the Bogs Journeyman STMG, you’ll have the best in protection and safety. This sturdy, durable, steel toe boots are complete with a Poron metatarsal guard and Bio-Grip ASTM-approved chemical and slip-resistant outsoles.

Even though the Bogs Journeyman STMG is packed with safety features and toughness, it still promises the best in user fit and comfort. These Journeyman boots provide maximum support and movement with a contour fit that features a wider forefront and narrower heel. A four-way stretch outer shell reduces friction points and gives you a snug and secure fit.

In your job, safety and protection should never be compromised. With the Bogs Journeyman STMG, you can be confident in their protection against the elements, even sub-zero temperatures, wet conditions and uneven terrain. For full product details or to order your own pair, visit WorkingPerson.com.

Selecting Safety Footwear: Technology Makes It More Efficient

Use Technology To Streamline Your Safety Footwear Program

In the tough economic times we’ve all faced in the last few years, some tough decisions have had to be made. Some things have had to be cut out of the budget. Without a healthy bottom line, companies are in real danger.

At the same time, many companies have realized that it is important that their employees also remain healthy and out of danger, which is why they’ve been hesitant to cut back on safety programs. And rightly so. Still, safety managers, like everyone else in most companies, have had to learn to do more with less.

It’s time to get smart about safety footwear programs. For safety managers looking to get the most efficiency out of their limited time and resources, there’s another option to consider in place of the traditional process. This traditional process often includes involving several different departments, from accounting to purchasing to safety. It involves coordinating the best date available for both managers and workers. Continue Reading…

LiteFire Insulation from Carhartt Offers Warmth Without the Bulk

Carhartt Insulated Work Boots Feature Litefire Insulation

OK, we’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is, it might be hot now, but it won’t be long before it is freezing cold outside. And what’s worse, you will have to be out in it working. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to be freezing cold outside while you’re out in it working.

That is, if you’re wearing Carhartt boots with LiteFire insulation. LiteFire is a boot liner that is equal to 400 grams of insulation, but feels nothing like it. As in, it feels much, much lighter. You get all kinds of warmth, but without the added bulk.

Carhartt is able to do this because LiteFire is a heat-reflective technology. That means it regulates your body’s tempeature by dissipating heat and retaining it depending on your body’s needs. Continue Reading…

What is the American National Standards Institute?

American National Standards Institute

Founded in 1918, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is a private, not-for-profit, membership organization that acts as a standards coordinating and approval body, not necessarily a standards developer. Its membership consists of individuals and organizations representing a wide range of interests including trade associations, labor unions, professional societies, standards developing organizations, private industry, consumers, academia and government agencies. Presently, there are over 13,000 ANSI-approved American National Standards.

The main functions of ANSI include establishing a variety of accreditation programs, such as third-party product certification. ANSI supports the development and approval of national voluntary standards. The American National Standards Institute also acts as the U.S. representative to the international standards organizations including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). ANSI is also responsible for creating liaises with government department and agencies on standards’ issues. All the while ANSI is setting standards for protective footwear. Continue Reading…

Georgia Boot Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Georgia Work Boots 75th Anniversary

Georgia Boots Celebrates 75 Years

A lot can happen in 75 years. The invention of the Internet. A trip to the moon. Cell phones. Through the changing times, one company has remained consistent through it all. Georgia Boot is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and in the process, celebrating the people and the products that have allowed the company to be a leader in American work footwear.

Georgia work boots and Georgia steel toe boots are the backbone of the product line, but Georgia Boot makes many different types and styles of footwear, including 6 inch safety, Farm and Ranch, loggers, construction and also other styles that have been specially designed for specific industries. Continue Reading…

Materials Used To Make Shoes And Work Boots

Work Footwear Components

Leather is the preferred shoe upper material to make work boots and work shoes. The following qualities make it one of the best components for work boot and work shoe manufacturing:

  • Breathability: Pores in leather allow fresh air to circulate inside the shoes.
  • Moisture absorbency: Leather absorbs moisture away from the foot and out of the shoe.
  • Customization: Leather will assume the shape of the wearer’s feet, providing individualized fit. This quality maximizes comfort and minimizes foot disorders.
  • Durability: Leather resists tearing and puncturing. Continue Reading…

Wolverine DuraShocks: 25 Million Satisfied Customers

Wolverine Boots Durashock Technology

We don’t have to say much about Wolverine DuraShocks work boots. The numbers speak for themselves. In 20 years, more than 25 million pairs have been sold. Wow. So there you go. Enjoy the rest of your day. In a pair of Wolverine Durashocks work boots, probably.

Ah, what the heck. Let’s go ahead and live dangerously and say more. On second thought, that’s exactly the opposite of what you’ll be doing with a pair of Wolverine Durashocks work boots on your feet. Because Wolverine DuraShocks Comfort Technology provides the comfort, durability, and hardworking performance that your job demands. With these on your feet, you can rest assured that your feet will be safe throughout the work day.  Continue Reading…

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