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Wolverine ICS: On The Job Work Boots With Adaptable Comfort


Squat, lift, left, right, forward, back.  Many days your workday might seem more like a workout video on repeat than anything else.  And tired feet are the last thing you want to feel from your work boots. Whether you’re starting out or are a leader on the job as Wolverine is, on-the-job comfort that you can control is a modern-day must-have. Wolverine Boots, with 125 years of experience from America’s heartland, delivers that kind of work place control in its new ICS work boot with its proprietary technology that provides the ultimate in customizable foot comfort. Continue Reading…

Wolverine Griffin DuraShocks Boots Return Energy in Each Step


There are enough quotes about “where you tread” and if anyone could think through what it takes to make a tread that targets where you are going – it’s Wolverine.  The company’s new Griffin DuraShocks SR Boots have an outsole pattern and time-tested interior comfort technology that are designed with every possible step taken into consideration. – because the steps you take to do your job matter.

The result of these work boots is internal comfort as well as a highly rated slip resistant, durable, and flexible leather boot for working people.  The secrets are in the polyurethane outer sole, with its rubber compression pads.  The soles bright blue sole has at its heart, a series of various directional and patterned treads, each placed for optimum performance.  Pebble styling designs under toes and arches grasp and hold your step with assurance, while the lined design under the ball and portion of the heel allows easy grip that allows rolling forward momentum.

Within, the Wolverine Griffin DuraShocks Slip-Resistant Boots absorbs shock in the heals because of unique compression pads, returning energy to each additional step.  The other feature inside for standing, walking, and moving comfort is a 3D OrthoLite footbed that provides complete underfoot comfort.

Classic, smooth-toed timeless style, these are fully waterproofed work boots, with full-grain, tan leather uppers.  The laces tie through heavy-duty D-ring eyelets, with open eye hooks at the ankle for balanced tension where you want it most.

The construction of the Griffin DuraShocks SR boots is direct attach for long-lasting usage.  Within is a wave mesh lining for wicking breathability. The heights come 6”, 8”, and Wellington styles, in M and EW widths.  There’s also an optional steel toe style. And with Wolverine, expect no less than its 30-day comfort guarantee for your Griffin DuraShocks SR Boots.

GrumptionGear Outlines The Best Outdoor Gear For 2013


Winter in the Midwest can act like spring in the Northwest or a Nova Scotia freeze, with a range of temperatures, precipitation, and weather related opportunities that challenge your winter clothing options and require just the right winter apparel. Whether you are donning work wear or contemplating hiking, sometimes it’s just darn tough to find the right outdoor gear.  Gumption Gear.com reviewed the best the upcoming winter apparel at the Outdoor Retail Winter Market for 2013 – and there’s plenty of outdoor gear and winter clothing that will help you on your winter work day, athletic quest, or outdoor adventure when new products hit retail outlets in the fall.

Among top picks from the show are a few brands that are featured on WorkingPerson.com. This list includes hiking boots from Wolverine Boots, a front-zippered layering option from Tarramar Sports, smart technology from Petzle in its new headlamp, and that sometimes forgotten foot comfort element of winter apparel dressing with revamped cushion-style of Darn Tough socks.  Wolverine’s new lightweight Sentinel hiker (20154) offers the expected qualities of Wolverine Boots, like the acclaimed Fulcrum Boots (20147) for example, recognized for top-grain leather and Gore-Tex lining for a completely waterproof piece of hiking gear. Continue Reading…

Fulcrum Boots by Wolverine: Tried and Tested Before You


Tried for product performance by Seattle Backpackers Magazine.com again this winter, Wolverine Boots’ Fulcrum Hiking Boots “fit like a glove” after a break-in period, said the author who recently re-tested Fulcrum hiking boots and commented in a review in January of this year.  Waterproof and with an Individual Comfort System inside the sole, these sturdy hikers were talus-filled, mountain-tested about 250 miles, a “go-to” hiking boot that can weather fall, winter, and spring…and also last many more seasons with extreme comfort. Continue Reading…

Wolverine: Cotton Duck Jacket is Only the Latest Innovation

Wolverine Outerwear

There isn’t a person in this country who has been around longer than Wolverine. For more than 125 years — since 1883 — Wolverine has been outfitting the working people of this great country with the great gear they need to complete a solid day’s work. And nobody has seen more days of work than Wolverine.

Generation after generation of American workers have relied on Wolverine boots for two things: Comfort and Durability. It is on those two qualities that Wolverine boots have staked their reputation, and it is because of those two qualities that Wolverine has been rewarded with more than a century of customer loyalty. Continue Reading…

Wolverine Boots Contour Welt Technology: Durable, Tough, Comfortable

Wolverine Boots Contour Welt Technology

There are thousands of different kinds of work boots out there. Super-this, Dura-that; it’s  hard to even know where to begin to look. Or what those terms all even mean. It can be overwhelming. But if you break it all down into the simplest terms, it’s easier. You know you want boots that are durable, that are comfortable, and that will protect you. Those are the three basics, the Holy Trinity of Work Boots. Let’s start there.

Wolverine has simplified the process. Over the many, many years, Wolverine boots have built a rock-solid reputation as an American-made company with the consistent ability to satisfy their customers. When a working person chooses a pair of Wolverine Boots, they’re getting a premium product that has a proven track record of performance. Wolverine’s latest iteration, featuring Wolverine Contour Welt Technology, was designed with those three basic goals in mind: To be ultra-durable, ultra-tough, and ultra-comfortable. Contour Welt boots have the kind of ruggedness you expect in a Wolverine boot, but with the flexible comfort you enjoy from a pair of sneakers. Yeah, we know that’s a bold statement, but it’s true. As flexible as a pair of sneakers. That’s Wolverine’s promise. That’s Wolverine Contour Welt. Continue Reading…

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing Everyone A Happy Father's Day

Dads are awesome, and they deserve awesome guy gifts on Father’s Day. So put down that tie and step away slowly. If you want an awesome gift for Dad (or, to put it another way, if your dad wants an awesome gift – and of course he does), look no further than Workingperson.com. Or, if you are near or passing through Lakeville, Indiana. stop by our retail store located at 305 South Michigan Street, Lakeville, IN. 46536. Our online and retail store’s are full of great gifts for dad, that he’ll actually enjoy!

Pleasing Dad doesn’t have to be so hard. Workingperson.com carries only the best products for the working man, so you can’t go wrong. Carhartt jeans, shirts and boots? Got it. Wolverine boots? Got it. Dickies workwear?  Whatever it is that your dad likes to wear, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of brands we carry. Workingperson.com also has the accessories your dad will find extremely useful, like sunglasses or safety glasses, gloves, knives, and other “dad stuff” to tinker with in the garage.

Nothing will say, “Hey dad, I understand you and take an interest in the things you care about” like a gift from Workingperson.com or our retail store, Working Person’s Store, located in Lakeville, Indiana. We have what dad wants.

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