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2014 Workwear Manual from Working Person’s Store


Online shopping doesn’t get much easier than it is on WorkingPerson.com.  With great photographs and detailed descriptions, customers like you can find exactly they’re looking for without ever getting up off the couch!  With WorkWearCatalog.com, Working Person’s Store is taking fun and easy shopping for quality products to the next level.

We are pleased to release our latest catalog: the 2014 Workwear Manual.  Complete with an interactive version on WorkWearCatalog.com, a downloadable PDF, and an ink and paper version available upon request, the 2014 Workwear Manual is sure to take you on a journey through all the on the job apparel that will keep you in comfort and style from winter to summer. Continue Reading…

Working Person’s Store’s Fantastic Five Days of Sales for Black Friday 2013


Do you have a love/hate relationship with Black Friday?  Do you love the great deals but hate standing out in the cold at three o’clock in the morning only to have to push and shove your way to the sale?  At Working Person’s Store, we understand your dilemma and want to offer you a Black Friday sale that you can’t help but love. Continue Reading…

GrumptionGear Outlines The Best Outdoor Gear For 2013


Winter in the Midwest can act like spring in the Northwest or a Nova Scotia freeze, with a range of temperatures, precipitation, and weather related opportunities that challenge your winter clothing options and require just the right winter apparel. Whether you are donning work wear or contemplating hiking, sometimes it’s just darn tough to find the right outdoor gear.  Gumption Gear.com reviewed the best the upcoming winter apparel at the Outdoor Retail Winter Market for 2013 – and there’s plenty of outdoor gear and winter clothing that will help you on your winter work day, athletic quest, or outdoor adventure when new products hit retail outlets in the fall.

Among top picks from the show are a few brands that are featured on WorkingPerson.com. This list includes hiking boots from Wolverine Boots, a front-zippered layering option from Tarramar Sports, smart technology from Petzle in its new headlamp, and that sometimes forgotten foot comfort element of winter apparel dressing with revamped cushion-style of Darn Tough socks.  Wolverine’s new lightweight Sentinel hiker (20154) offers the expected qualities of Wolverine Boots, like the acclaimed Fulcrum Boots (20147) for example, recognized for top-grain leather and Gore-Tex lining for a completely waterproof piece of hiking gear. Continue Reading…

New Icon and Labels Tell Whether FR Garments Meet NFPA 2112 Requirements


Fire resistant labeling is a clothing industry standard; but “buyer beware” because labeling information can be misleading, especially if you require the NFPA 2112 Standard for your flame-resistant garments and workwear.  Subtle wording by manufacturers can look like claims that do not actually live up to the FR Standard…the old adage is one to heed.  In order to comply with NFPA mandates, Bulwark FR Apparel, the company that knows people aren’t fireproof, assures its labels  — and its industrial flame resistant workwear – both certifiably meet the strict third party requirements.

Any variation from the perfect wording means you could be compromised with your industrial flame-resistant workwear performing in a just-in-case event. The label that meets the NFPA 2112 Standard reads: “This flame-resistant garment meets the requirements of NFPA 2112 Standard on the Flame-Resistant garments for the protection of industrial personnel against flash fire.” Anything else, like those listing numbers that look official but aren’t, could mean your work clothing composition won’t protect you as intended.  For quick and easy identification of FR that meets the NFPA requirements, Bulwark garments certified by Underwriters Laboratories also is marked with an NFPA 2112 icon. Continue Reading…

Running Comfort on the Job with Thorogood Street Athletics


If shoe comfort is alluding you and you pound the pavement hard to get the job done, Thorogood’s Street Athletics are shoes that will go the distance with you.  Maybe  you’ve got a suspect to pursue fleeing down the alley, but you can’t keep up to catch because your shoes can’t carry you; or, maybe your package couriering has you jumping in and out of the truck and up and down flights of stairs daily, but come evening, you can hardly stand on your sore feet. Or, maybe you’ve actually clocked the miles you walk in the hospital rolling patients in and out of the ER and know you need 12-hour on your feet comfort.  Whatever your job demands, Thorogood Street Athletics will go the distance that feels like one marathon after another. Continue Reading…

On the Job Mining Deaths at a Record Low

Mine Safety Regulation

The mining industry has made enormous strides in safety this past year.  According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), fatality and injury rates in the mining industry were the lowest in history. Continue Reading…

Keen Utility Brings New Work Boots for Spring 2013


The summer days are quite hard for all the working people, who work hard from dawn to dusk. The hot climate gets harsh on your feet, especially when you are wearing safety footwear, you feel sweaty and messy. Your feet need enough breathability to keep you comfortable in hot weather. Keeping in view the needs of the working person, KEEN Utility is now bringing the warm weather work boots in spring 2013. These warm weather work boots by KEEN Utility are a kind of luxury for all the workers who want to feel safe and comfortable in their work boots.

Based in Portland, Oregon, KEEN Inc., was founded in 2003. Keen provides high quality hybrid products, especially for people who have an active outdoor lifestyle. It was launched to provide safe and durable footwear that could change the typical outlook of people regarding safety footwear. Continue Reading…

Harley Davidson Takes Biker Boots Off Road


Can’t say Harley Davidson isn’t revved up for 2013.  A licensee of Wolverine Worldwide, think Harley Davidson Boots and Footwear and you might conjure up tattoos, bandanas, muscle, and men, as well as the studliness and hefty metal buckling of biker boots that accompany them; but while the classic riding boots for the burly, bearded bikers (and the women who don motorcycle boots and bikes themselves) are still there, Harley Davidson Footwear has shifted gears toward more fashion-forward silhouettes.  Without losing its biker heritage or weathered leathers, the company’s new contemporary foray whispers the Harley Davidson legacy, holds tight to quality, and takes footwear off road.
Continue Reading…

Georgia Boot Expands Riverdale Collection with Wellington Styles

georgia riverdale wps blog

The Riverdale collection for spring 2013 of Georgia Boot has been expanded with pull-on styles. The Georgia Boot’s Sport & Trail collection has become one of the most versatile due to this addition. The marketing manager for Georgia Boot, Mr. Jordan Gottke said that when we began developing the Riverdale, we wanted to make a work boot that you could wear to work all day long and then again in the great outdoors after you got home. He also adds that we extended the line after our consumers told us that they wanted a pull-on option because the collection is so lightweight. Continue Reading…

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