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Which Glove Safety Ratings Apply To You?


Glove ratings can be a useful piece of information when it comes to selecting the right gloves for you.  However, the key is to pay attention to the right glove rating when choosing a glove that is right for your specific job.  There are several tests for work gloves that determine the ratings, but which rating is the most important for your task, the test for cut, punctures, abrasion or dexterity?  Reviewing the test standards for safety gloves can give you a crash course in selecting the perfect glove for your workplace.

For cut, the test is simple.  ANSI uses a sharp metal blade that moves across the glove material until it cuts through.  The ratings for cut range from 0 to 5, 0 for less than 200 grams and 5 for over 3500 grams.

Choosing the right puncture test can be a little more complicated.  Puncture tests make use of very different sized probes, a large nail, a small nail and a hypodermic needle.  To choose which test best applies to you, you must consider your specific safety requirement. Continue Reading…

Stanley Releases Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Mugs


Paying tribute to the original Stanley beverage products, the company is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in part by re-releasing two limited edition designs, inspired by the early originals. The best of the vintage styles of green texture and shiny stainless merged with the company’s years of experience and improvements in quality. Replenish your beverage carrier choices with a classic look and quality function.

The classic brushed green 100th anniversary bottle taken directly from the beloved 1944 version  reminds me of great-grandpa, carrying his coffee with him to have in the truck all day – hot and plenty of it for cold days, especially. (Of course, he probably had that WWII era original.)  He made sure he was refilling his coffee needs from his own pocket and not stops along the way.   Continue Reading…

Travel Light With Ergodyne Water Resistant Duffel Bags

Ergodyne Arsenal Waterproof Duffel Bag

Traveling light while keeping your possessions protected is one on the minds of travelers and workers alike. Ergodyne has the perfect travel bag that is lightweight, water- and cold-resistant and built to fit plenty of room for your essentials. The amazing GB5030 Ergodyne duffle bag is designed to hold up during sleet, snow, rain and wind, without damaging what’s inside. Made with Tarpaulin material, Ergodyne has tested this bag against the elements of weather and promises to protect your valuables, no matter what’s happening outside. The Ergodyne Arsenal bag is available in three sizes, small, medium and large, ensuring there is a model to fit your needs no matter what they are. Continue Reading…

Xenon Bulbs

Xenon Flashlight Bulbs

We have a whole bunch of flashlights that feature Xenon bulbs, so we thought you should know…

Xenon is a rare, nonflammable, odorless gas. (More Than You Wanted To Know Department: the name comes from the Greek word, “xenos,” meaning “strange.”) Xenon bulbs are incandescent halogen bulbs with the gas xenon added to them. Continue Reading…

Outlast Technology Makes Sweaty Socks a Thing of the Past

Outlast Technology

Your feet sweat. It’s as much a fact of life as death and taxes. But there is something you can do about it. Regulating the temperature of your feet can go a long way. And the key to that is your socks. Specifically, Outlast Socks.

Outlast Technologies is the leader in heat management. And now, it is continuing its partnership with Wigwam. This new collaboration will expand Wigwam socks with Outlast Technology. There are two new styles that feature these new performance designs: The Outlast Weather Warrior and the Outlast Weather Shield. Continue Reading…

IronLace from LaceTech: The Only Lace Tough Enough

Ironlace Work Boot Laces Are Durable

A working person is only as strong as the tools and equipment he or she relies on. And while your hammer is probably not going to quit on you any time soon, something as simple (and brittle) as a broken lace can really put a damper on your workday. Luckily, there’s LaceTech, with a solution to that problem so strong that you’ll never have to buy another pair of laces again. Guaranteed. Continue Reading…

Comfort to the MAX: Black Stallion MAX Comfort Stick Welding Gloves

Black Stallion Work Gloves

It used to be when you bought a pair of stick welding gloves, that you had to make a choice. You could go with the big bulky and barely moveable variety, which you knew would keep you safe but would leave your fingers feeling like they’d been fully supporting the weight of an anvil all day. Or you could go with a pair you could actually stand to wear, which for once didn’t feel like you wear actually wearing sheet metal on your hands, but sacrificed protection. What’s the point in creating a comfortable welding glove if it falls apart? And what’s the point in creating a durable welding glove if it was painful and cumbersome to wear? Thank goodness, those days are over. Continue Reading…

Wigwam – New and Improved for 2012

Wigwam Socks Changes For 2012

Wigwam has a new look in 2012! The 2012 catalog is out, and includes many new and exciting styles. There are many exciting new things happening at Wigwam right now. Here are all the improvements this year:

  •  New Logo – Wigwam’s new updated logo has a bolder and more contemporary look.
  • New Tagline – Wigwam is now known as “The Performance Sock Company.” This marks the company’s new dedication and heavy focus on the performance attributes of its products.
  • New Packaging – This spring, Wigwam is changing to a new performance packaging.
  • New Guarantee – Wigwam is so confident in the quality of the socks it produces, that it now offers a new two-year comfort guarantee. That’s right, TWO years! There are a couple of exceptions, though. The Super 60 style socks and Pee Wee style socks still come with Wigwam’s same great one-year guarantee.
  • Ultimax is Back and Better – Two times more effective than ever before, Wigwam’s signature Pro and Fusion designs now are united under one superior performance label and are incorporated into each performance competency, providing the ultimate in moisture control. Continue Reading…

Wigwam Rebel Fusion Trekker Socks Provide Extreme Comfort and Protection

Wigwam Rebel Fusion Socks

If you spend any amount of time on the trails or the track, you know that having the right footwear means a lot more than just hiking boots or running shoes. Having the right socks is just as important to your comfort and protection.

When anything but the best comfort and protection simply won’t do, people have been turning to Wigwam socks for more than a century. And now, Wigwam is introducing a new line of socks for Spring 2012: the Rebel Fusion Trekker. Continue Reading…

How Bright Is Your Flashlight?

When you’re buying a flashlight, like in our Pelican or Streamlight lines or Petzl headlamps, you sometimes want to know how bright it is.  Often the terms used to describe this can be confusing, so here it is–down and dirty:

Candlepower is obvious–it’s how bright a candle is (“radiance”) right next to the candle.  Candela is an alternate term for this.

If you measured how bright the light was a foot away from the candle, you’d have a Foot-Candela. (So far, no problemo, right?) Continue Reading…

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