Bates Boots Riding Collection: The New Leader of Motorcycle Boots

Bates Boots Motorcycle Boot Collection


You’re riding your favorite scenic trail. And there, without warning, out in the middle of nowhere, your bike breaks down. Would you accept this? Of course not. If you demand the best from your motorcycle, shouldn’t you also demand the best from your motorcycle boots? Those who do choose Bates. Your boots shouldn’t break down either. The Bates Riding Collection is designed for those who demand indestructible riding equipment, from their motorcycle to their riding equipment. From their bike to their boots.

Bates Boots has built its reputation as a premium boot company for the military, supplying quality protection and wearability for those who need performance in the toughest conditions. And in the military, breakdowns are simply not an option. A military boot that can be relied upon to take a soldier into hostile terrain can certainly be relied upon to take you wherever you want to go. Now Bates is taking that knowledge and expertise and applying it to footwear for motorcyclists. Giving you high-performance quality along with high-style wearability. There’s a reason Bates has been in business for more than 125 years. Well, lots of reasons, actually. But the big one is: They know what they’re doing when it comes to making quality, comfortable, wearable boots.

The Bates Riding Collection will be available in 2012. Keeping with its policy of only using top-tier materials, Bates has introduced a line of eight different styles: Ormond (44101), Big Bend in Brown (44109) or Black (44106), Talimena (44103), Tahoe in Brown (44108) or Black (44100), Palomar (44107), Black Canyon (41102), Copper Trail (44105), and Escalante (44104). Yes, that’s right. They’re each named after a favorite scenic ride.

The Tahoe features a sleek mid-calf look with classic metal accents. The Escalante boasts a waterproof leather/mesh fusion upper. And there are many combinations and varieties in between. Bates realizes that each rider has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their boots. Some prefer longer boots, while others prefer shorter ones. Some prefer lace-ups, while others would rather have classic zip-ups. These eight different styles are sure to feature the right combination for you. Bates focused on creating variety along with value when designing this riding line.

Whether they’re worn daily, or just on long weekend rides, there’s one thing for certain. When it comes to high-performance riding boots, the Bates Riding Collection is the new leader in the pack. Keep an eye out for Bate’s Riding Boots offered to you by to pick out the perfect pair that is just right for you.