Be Happy with X-Static Fibers

XStatic Fibers

What does a fiber have to be happy about, you say? Well, if you walked around laden with silver, you might have a lot more going for you, too.

That’s right, X-Static materials have silver bound permanently into them. We’re not kidding–they’ve been through 250 washings during testing without being affected. (The garments started coming apart, though, so we don’t recommend this as a personal experiment if you’re skeptical.)

But what’s the Big Deal about having silver in your clothes? About 5 Big Deals, we’d say.


Remember those drinking scenes in the old gladiator movies? Those Romans knew what they were doing by making bottles and goblets out of silver to control spoilage in their wine. In the early 1900’s before we had refrigerators, American folks used to put a silver dollar in their milk to prolong freshness. (Perhaps this also led to some forced savings which helped during the Depression, but we digress. . .)

X-Static eliminates 99.9% of bacteria within one hour of exposure. And unlike antibiotics, which are selective in what they kill, silver is broad-spectrum. It’s less likely to promote resistant strains. Resistance is futile! And what gets the silver cooking is, well, heat and moisture. That means (wait for it) the sweatier your footwear gets, the more you kill off bacteria! Can it get any better?

(More Than You Wanted To Know Department: Silver throws off ions which bind to structural bacterial features that cause their cells to rupture. It also binds to bacterial proteins, interfering with the nutrition they need to survive. As if that weren’t enough, it also attacks their DNA to mess up their attempts at reproduction.)

Yes, release the Inner Sadist in you, but know that silver is completely harmless to us humans. Those folks you know who are allergic to silver jewelry are really allergic to an alloy called “sterling silver” that includes other metals. The X-Static process uses pure silver–there have been no documented allergies to that.


Bacteria aren’t the only cause of body odor, you know. (Or maybe you didn’t, but we do like to show off once in a while.) Ammonia and denatured proteins in your perspiration also contribute to that special scent. Silver, on the outside of X-Static fibers, immediately binds to this stuff to make it ineffective when it comes to stink production.

Hot Weather Climate Control

Of course, walking around with bacteria-killing sweaty skin and clinging, hotter clothes is no walk in the park (unless you’re in a park, but then it’s an uncomfortable walk). So X-Static enhances the natural movement of moisture through hydrophobic materials (fibers that don’t absorb moisture). In simple terms: the wetness gets to the outside away from your skin and evaporates faster. In addition, silver is the most thermally conductive element on Earth, so it will quickly distribute heat more evenly away from the hottest parts of your body. Result: you’re cooler.

Cold Weather Climate Control

The silver in X-Static clothing will reflect 95% of your body heat back at you. It has the highest Infrared Reflectivity rating of all the elements. It also has the lowest Emissivity ratings, so it stays warm longer. In clothes made for cold weather any heat not reflected back will be stored evenly in the garment. Result: you get that nice toasty feel longer.


Silver wins again! It also has the Electrical Conductivity/Static Dissipating of any element. So dry Winter’s static electricity is dissipated and you can walk safely across that carpet in your socks.