Hi-Tec Footwear Gets a Boost of Technology

Hi-Tec Ion Mask
Ion Mask Waterproofing

One of your favorite boots at the Working Person’s Store is getting an update that is sure to make your feet happy. Hi-Tec is implementing a new technology into their boots, called ion-mask. This breakthrough technology gives shoes the extraordinary ability to repel most liquids, including water and oil. With this new technology, liquids simply repel off the surface of the shoe in the form of beads.

Originally patented by Oxford UK-based P2i and was developed to protect soldiers from chemical attack. The ion-mask technology was applied and used on clothing products to keep the soldiers safer. Hi-Tec then pioneered the use of this technology on footwear.

Here’s the technical information on how these shoes are made. The process of developing these water resistant products begins by placing the pair of shoes into a processing chamber and creating a vacuum and removing all the air in the chamber. Hi-Tec then introduces a small amount of monomer to the shoes, penetrating the shoes completely and creating plasma on the product. Plasma is essential to this process because of the binding properties at the molecular level. The surface of the shoe is enhanced by gaining the properties of the plasma and leaving the less desirable properties of the object completely unaltered. This process is considered environmentally friendly because it is more efficient compared to the conventional dipping method used for waterproofing products.

All Hi-Tec ion-mask products have features that distinguish them from the competition and will satisfy all your needs. All ion-mask footwear is waterproof and hydrophobic. This means the ion-mask process makes all materials (even open weave) repellent, less absorbent and environmentally friendly through the minimal use of chemicals and the solvent-less process. Additionally, ion-mask footwear stays cleaner longer and is extremely light weight and breathable.

Hi-Tec makes a variety of products using the ion-mask technology ranging from golfing shoes to running shoes or even sandals. With the success Hi-Tec has seen so far with the ion-mask technology, there is no doubt they will used ion-mask technology with more of their products. Visit workingperson.com to view all our Hi-Tec waterproof boots.