Wrangler’s U-Fit Jeans: Comfort Where it Counts

Wrangler Jeans Feature U-Crotch Construction


If Dale Earnhardt, Jr., was in a band, he’d have no interest in Wrangler’s U-Fit style jeans. No, he’d be into the whole “pinch-your-legs-tight” variety. But Dale Earnhardt, Jr., isn’t in a band, is he? No, he’s a race car driver. And a pretty darn good one. So if Dale Earnhardt, Jr., is smart enough to avoid “band guy” jeans, let’s just be willing to trust his judgement on Wrangler U-Fit style jeans too.

Let’s think about this for a second. Earnhardt spends four hours a pop in one of the most pressure-packed situations on Earth. Sitting in that tiny little seat, strapped into a 200 mile-per-hour death machine. The man knows what it’s like to be uncomfortable. So if there’s anybody who’d be able to recognize comfort, it’d be Earnhardt.

That’s why Earnhardt endorses Wrangler’s U-Fit style jeans. You see, traditional jeans feature a V-shaped pattern in the seat of the pants. And unless you have the physique of Macaulay Culkin, traditional jeans are, how can we say, uh, uncomfortable. Pinching, and stuff.

Wrangler’s U-Fit style jeans offer a reprieve from the constriction. The U shaped bottom provides more room in the, uh, seatregion. In other words, they fit. How jeans are supposed to fit. Comfortable. As Earnhardt says, “Room where you need it, comfort where it counts.” Visit workingperson.com to get yourself a pair today. Dale Earnhardt, Jr., would be proud. And more importantly, he wouldn’t look at you like you’re wearing your sister’s clothes.