Welcome to the blog for WorkingPerson.com, an on-line retail catalog site now maintained by Action Industrial Supply as of April 12th, 2019. In January of 2019, despite an exciting vision of being a dedicated retailer offering quality work supplies, the business of Working Person’s Enterprises, Inc., an Indiana corporation (“WPE”) and the owner of the WorkingPerson.com website, was discontinued. The assets of WPE were surrendered to WPE’s secured bank lender.

Action Industrial Supply, a supplier of many of the same products formerly offered for sale by WPE, is similarly dedicated to offering quality products to people that work, purchased the WorkingPerson.com website from the bank. As the new owner of the WorkingPerson.com website, Action Industrial Supply is excited for the opportunity to offer quality products for retail sale from quality manufacturers, such as Wolverine©, CAT© and Carhart©.

Thanks again for shopping at The Working Person’s Store! For any additional questions about The Working Person’s Store please Contact Us.