Disclosure Policy

Our blog, WorkingPerson.me, is an attempt to direct readers to our website, WorkingPerson.com, with the intentions of increasing revenue. We thought we would be straight forward and tell you what our number one goal is, but this doesn’t mean increasing revenue is our only goal here. We want to provide free information to our readers, involving them in conversation and [hopefully] sparking their own personal interest in work wear products. We love working with work wear and we love the customers it brings in, so this is our attempt at incorporating all of these things: increased revenue on our retail website, informing our customers, and reaching out to new ones about products we love!

As required by law, this is where we have to be absolutely clear with you. We make money from our blog. We do this by increasing our visibility in the community through our blog, directing our readers to our retail website in which purchases can be made, along with the occasional gift or donation made to our company. Therefore, this is our way of protecting ourselves by committing to follow all rules set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for bloggers.

To find out more information about the laws required by the FTC, you can visit their website at: [http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm].

We declare that all the following is completely true when reading anything from our blog, workingperson.me

1. We appreciate and show gratitude to each and every person in our WPS community.
2. Although we ask our readers to not send us links to your affiliated partners, we will share any information with you from our affiliate partners if we feel it gives value to the conversation or topic.
3. All content with in this blog includes links to our retail website to intentionally increase sales and revenue.
4. We will not share information or products with our readers if we do not think it is valuable or will provide a beneficial service to our customers.
5. Although we pay for our retail product, on the occasion we will receive free samples from our vendors which can be used by WPS to create a profit.
6. WPS funds all giveaways and contests which may be used with an overall goal of increasing revenues and sales, unless we state otherwise.
7. WPS believes in their products, after all that is why we sell them, but we reserve the right to provide a reasonable evaluation of these products as we see them.
8. We reserve the right to display, portray or discuss any product we sell through our retail website with the intentions of increasing knowledge and understanding of the product and to increase revenue for WPS.

Again, we would like to thank and show complete gratitude for each and every person who shares thoughts and spends time or money with our company. Our guests and customers are what drives us, and we strive for complete customer satisfaction in all we do.