Heel Exercises Help Relieve Heel Pain

Heel Pain
Exercise To Reduce Heel Pain

Many people around the world deal with problems with their feet on a daily basis. Because of this, they are forced to find different routes for healing or pain relief.  One major problem that has left people suffering is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful condition that can occur after activities such as jogging, standing or walking on hard surfaces. This condition is very painful to deal with and can take months to heal. A variety of treatments have been available currently in order to treat heel pain such as anti-inflammatory medications and different forms of orthopedics with varying degrees of success. Recently, a discovery was made that has significant implications for plantar fasciitis sufferers.  A stretch involving the heel has the potential to ease and even eliminate the pain of plantar fasciitis in most people. The stretch is deceptively simple.

It involves a stretch that requires moving the ankle and flexing the toes backward. It has been compared to other stretches in healing power, such as the Achilles tendon stretch. The heel stretch has been shown to reduce significantly the amount of heel pain and a marked improvement in the condition. One key factor is to do this exercise right after you wake up and also during periods of rest. Other ideas can reduce or eliminate the problem of fasciitis, such as investing in a good pair of shoes that are supportive and properly fitted as well as avoiding hard surfaces.

Exercising in a conservative manner also will help with the fasciitis and can often eliminate the problem. Stretching the heel in a prescribed way reduces pain and allows for more flexibility and is seen to be the most effective of current treatment options for dealing with it. Additionally, other therapies can be of service and can help the sufferer avoid surgery or other treatments that may or may not work. With the length of time that is required to heal from a case of fasciitis, it is even more important to attempt this exercise in a controlled fashion. For a quick relief, try adding insole inserts for boots and shoes to help bring a little extra relief to your feet.