Proper Care and Prevention of Corns


It’s amazing how a tiny little bump of skin on your foot can cause so much pain and discomfort. If you’ve ever had a corn on your foot, you know how unpleasant it can be. Corns are preventable, but if you do have the unfortunate occurrence of getting one, they are also treatable.

Corns are thick, hardened pieces of dead skin, and they usually occur on the tops and sides of toes. They can make walking very painful. They develop because of rubbing and friction and pressure on the skin. Some corns are caused by an improper walking motion, but most corns are caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. Some corns also occur on the bottom of the feet and some doctors believe this is caused by blocked sweat ducts.

So in order to prevent corns from occurring in the first place, the best course of action is to make sure your shoes or boots fit properly. Make sure you have the proper size and that they are not too wide or too narrow, or fit too tightly. If you can’t wiggle your toes in your shoes or boots, they are too tight. Also, keep in mind that your feet might not be exactly the same size. You might need two different sized shoes or boots.

Old shoes or boots can often be a culprit as well. Worn soles offer little protection and comfort from your feet hitting the ground when you step. Wearing comfortable shoes and boots can make a big difference. Investing a little extra money into footwear with good comfort features can make a big difference. Many shoes and boots are equipped with all kinds of the latest technology to ease comfort and you can find a great selection of these shoes and boots from Working Person’s Store.

Orthopedic shoes or insoles are also an option to consider, since these can often make a big difference when it comes to comfort and relieving pressure. Since some doctors believe that some corns can also be caused by blocked sweat ducts, it is a good idea to choose footwear that has good ventilation. A good pair that is breathable and features good air circulation can make a big difference. Moisture-wicking liners come with many of the great boots that Working Person’s Store carries and can make a big difference in dealing with sweat.

But if  you should have the unfortunate luck of getting a corn, there are a few things you can do to treat it. The first and most effective way of treating a corn is to first help the friction or pressure to stop. Usually, this involves getting rid of your old footwear and getting something new that fits better and has some comfort features. Moleskin pads, which you put on your foot, can help relieve pressure on a corn. There are also many different types of corn removal liquids and plasters that usually contain salicylic acid. An appointment with a podiatrist or other foot specialist can be a good option as well, especially if other home remedies prove ineffective. You don’t have to live with corns. Just follow the above and remember to keep yourself in work boots that are comfortable and safe!