Wolverine: A Brand You Can Count On


Established in Rockford, Michigan in 1883, Wolverine made the original boots that helped build the railroads, the skyscrapers, and the highways, that laid the foundations of the USA we know today. And their patented 1000 mile boot set the standard for long-lasting work gear, all the way back in 1914.

In 1991 came the revolutionary Wolverine DuraShocks that changed the game for the working person, with compression pads in the heel and the forefoot, absorbing shock and returning it to the foot as useable energy. And that is technology they still use today, updated and reworked based on the feet out there on the working sites around the world.

The brand heritage of comfort and durability is still present in the full line of rugged outdoor workwear and outdoor apparel. And they’re keen to point out that their clothes are ‘Relentless by Nature’, built to withstand the challenges of the real world, of real life – designed for active people that need the freedom to move.

Wolverine’s products are among some of the most advanced you’ll find anywhere, with technologies that mean unparalleled safety when you need it, durability when you demand it, and comfort – because you expect it. They want to build clothing and footwear that will handle the toughest work days and keep coming back for more.

Today, the commitment to continuous development that brought the world the DuraShock has brought new innovative construction and styling details to a whole new level. Durashock SR, Wolverine Fusion, Compressor, MultiShox, MX and Contour Welt are just some of the manifestations of that drive to enhance your performance at work, or out on the trail.

And they back everything up with a 30-day comfort guarantee, as they themselves say – “The World’s Most Comfortable Boots and Shoes. Guaranteed.” That’s pretty big talk – well actually, it’s the biggest talk there is.

A quick look through some of the products on our Wolverine Boots page and you’ll see in every boot a different set of technological and material mixes – designed specifically for the needs of the different users out there. Steel toes for those working out on the sites, where sometimes it feels the world is out to drop on your toes, or composite toes for lightweight protection – shaped around your foot for a comfortable fit, giving you the ability to move and change direction more quickly.

Wolverine’s Vibram Soles are designed to absorb and dissipate bad vibration and deliver it back to you as something useful, designed around those harder, more stressful jobs that your feet need to help you with. Shoes and boots designed around you and the work you do. With metatarsal guards, electrical hazard protection and static dissipating technology, their whole footwear range is geared up for safety, ensuring you have the best chance of avoiding electrical risks and high static environmental shocks.

When you combine these safety features with high technology materials like GORE-TEX, 3M Thinsulate, waterproofing, and insulation – you realize that whatever you’re looking for from your men’s work boot, you’ll find it in a Wolverine.

And that continues when you consider that their commitment to you and the job you’re doing is matched with the technology that’s present in their working apparel too. One browse through our Wolverine Clothing pages and you’ll see just how comprehensive their drive to cover you from all sides is. Jackets and coats that are wind and water repellent, waterproof fabrics, hi-vis workwear that’s as safe as it is practical and the latest in space-age developments – they’re all here.

You’ll find fleeces and jackets that are fitted with DuraLock – their own moisture wicking technology. This means that when you’re sweating, the material is naturally bringing that moisture to the surface and giving it the best chance to dry fast – giving you a feeling of longer freshness, for those really long work days.

Socks, jackets, jeans, and shorts – it’s all here and it’s all packed with those design and fabric technologies that ring true with that unmistakable Wolverine commitment to you and the job, or the adventure that you’re about to face.

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