Carhartt Flame-Resistant Standard Compliance

Carhartt FR Clothing

Several styles of Carhartt fire-resistant clothing available at Working Person’s Store have been put through rigorous testing and have come out on top as being approved to meet or exceed various flame-resistance standards.

Carhartt shirt styles FRS160 and WFRS160 are certified to meet the NFPA 2112 Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire, 2007 Edition.  Carhartt FRS160 is a men’s FR twill work shirt available in blue, khaki and dark navy.  This flame-resistant, button-up, long-sleeve work shirt is composed of 7-ounce flame-resistant twill and even has flame resistant buttons.  Carhartt WFRS160 is also a button-up FR work shirt but is designed for women.  Also with long sleeves and cuffs that tighten on the wrist, this women’s FR shirt is designed to protect arms from the dangers of heat and flame.

Other styles of Carhartt fire-resistant apparel for protection against hydrocarbon flash fire, have been tested for the proper FR standards.  Meeting the Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire NFPA 2112, 2007 Edition are Carhartt styles FRB002, FRB100, FRB160, WFRB160, FRB159, WFRB159, FRB13 and FRB240, all pant styles available at Working Person’s Store.  Coverall style FRX010 and gloves style 100162b were also found to have met this standard. Styles FRB100, FRB160, FRB159, FRB13 as well as WFRB159 and WFRB160, for women, are styles of flame-resistant jeans built for comfort and, of course, flame-resistant protection.  Styles FRB002 and FRB240 are flame-resistant work pants which promise safety as well as durability.

With a garment that is backed by flame-resistance standards, you know you can trust that it will keep you safe.  These Carhartt styles not only provide safety but also the comfort and durability that comes with the Carhartt name.