Flexion Work Boots by Caterpillar Boots

CAT Work Boots Benefit From Flexion Technology

If you’re in the market for new work boots, the first thing you should consider has nothing to do with size or tread pattern or color. The best decision you can make when it comes to work boots is their ability to ease fatigue. It’s where you’ll actually notice a difference. It’s a fact: Some work boots do this much better than others. The reason? It’s actually scientific.

When you walk, your feet impact the ground with 100-150 percent of your body weight. The part of your foot that absorbs this weight is called the Center of Pressure, or COP. It runs from your middle toe, along the outside of your arch, and to the middle of your heel. As you move along your COP, the kind of footwear you use can make all the difference in the world. The right (or wrong) kind of support and comfort can dramatically impact the rate at which your feet feel fatigue. An inferior work boot can actually add to your fatigue, making it worse than no support at all. In fact, the most comfortable way to walk without getting fatigued actually is going barefoot. But we know that’s not happening at the job site. So it is imperative that your work boots provide the right kind of relief to the right parts of your foot.

Flexion work boots made by Caterpillar have been scientifically studied to figure out the best way to do exactly that. Flexion work boots were designed with ERGO, which uses biomechanics and ergonomics to understand the way your foot naturally moves. This research resulted in the Flexion work boots you see here, incorporating 24 ergonomic design features.

Among these features are anatomically-positioned flex grooves – strategically placed directly behind and in front of the metatarsals – so that your foot is able to bend and flex as nature intended. The outsole, midsole, and insole all mimic the natural shape of your foot. The “heel impact zone” cushions the heel with 25 percent more shock absorption than the industry standard.

And true to its name – Flexion – you won’t find more flexible work boots. As you walk, lift, push, pull, bend and climb, they flex naturally, thanks to a dual forged construction which involves both cementing and stitching all the way around the work boot TWICE, which not only provides flexibility but durability as well.

In short, they are the ultimate anti-fatigue work boots. And Caterpillar’s Flexion boots are 25 percent lighter than traditional work boots. With no break-in time needed. Ready to work. Just like you.

Other features include an SRX compound rubber sole that exceeds the industry standard for slip resistance. Flexion work boots also have their own squeegee. Yes, squeegee. The front tread design pushes water away from the sole, for increased slip resistance. And a gusseted tongue keeps dirt and debris out of the work boot.

The average construction worker walks almost 10,000 steps a day. That’s nearly four miles. In work boots that aren’t scientifically engineered to ease fatigue, it might as well be four million. Go with Caterpillar’s Flexion work boots, and go the extra mile. Visit workingperson.com to get your own pair today!