Iron Age Work Boots: No Longer a Thing of the Past

Iron Age Work Boots

It was an exciting time. Optimistic, really. The worst war the world had ever seen had finally ended, the enemy defeated. More than four million American men returned home with goals and dreams and a drive to succeed. To build those dreams with sweat on their brow and determination in their hearts and work boots on their feet. It was 1918. And those work boots were Iron Age work boots.

Iron Age Boots was the very first branded “safety-toe” footwear. The first Iron Age Boots debuted in 1918, after the end of World War I. These brave American men had risked their lives on the battlefield, and they certainly weren’t about to risk a toe on the job site wearing a pair of soft toe work boots. So they turned to this new brand of work boots to keep them safe. They trusted Iron Age’s new “steel toe technology.” And several generations later, American men, and now women, are still trusting Iron Age Boots today.

For good reason. Iron Age Boots remains the industry leader in steel toe work boots. These Iron Age Loaders still feature a 6” steel toe for safety, but now with all the added features and latest technology of today’s advancements. In other words, your feet will feel like it’s 2018, not 1918. Made with premium full grain leather, these steel toe work boots not only feature a padded collar for a comfortable fit, but also have a removable EVA cushion insert with a sponge rubber heel wedge, and a moisture wicking nylon mesh lining. And even though electricity was still all the rage even back then, these Iron Age Loaders now feature Electrical Hazard (EH Boots) protection.

The outsoles are made with Vibram rubber outsoles, which has its own rich heritage. First envisioned in 1935 for climbing and mountaineering, the sole was designed to provide the utmost traction on a multitude of different surfaces, while resisting abrasion. Today, Vibram outsoles are still known as the industry leader in rubber outsoles.

These steel toe work boots were made with a Goodyear leather welt construction, which has nothing to do with tires or blimps or what happens when you go paintballing. It’s the way these work boots are made to withstand work and how the brand has been a mainstay with WorkingPeople for decades.

And it means durability. Kind of like the Iron Age brand itself. Nearing 100 years of service to the American worker, Iron Age steel toe work boots not only have a rich past, but a better future. Build your future with a pair today. Working Person’s Store will begin carrying Iron Age Boots.  Look for them in the Summer of 2012.