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Has your wedding band ever gotten in the way at work? If you’ve ever had to remove it to enter a factory floor or gotten it stuck on a machine, this story is for you. It all started in 2012 when two friendsTed and KCfound themselves “loving their wives but hating their wedding rings.” Because of their active lifestyles, they wanted to find an alternative to their traditional metal wedding bands, but had no luck. From this experience the pair decided to create a product and start a movement that would embrace and share the power of commitment.

The QALO brand offers quality, silicone rings for men and women that are functional, stylish and well priced. If you work or play in rugged environments, these rings are a perfect answer to sharing your commitment without compromising your safety or comfort. The medical grade silicone has high tensile strength and elongation properties. This allows the QALO rings to stay tough and strong and to stretch when needed. This added flexibility could protect your finger in case of an accident. These rings are also non-conductive and non-porous to give you extra protection.

At Working Person’s Store, we’re excited to share our selection of QALO rings that are now available. The QALO R MSG SLATE GREY Men’s Outdoors Silicone Ring With Compass is strong, durable, and waterproof. If you work in a factory or other job that doesn’t allow metallic wedding bands on the job site, this ring is a perfect alternative that will keep your spouse happy. If you work at a brewery or restaurant you’ll be thankful you’re sporting this band when things get wet. The slate grey matte finish gives this ring an elevated look. This ring also comes with a convenient pouch for easy storage. This ring is also available for women who want the freedom to work and play without worrying about damaging their diamonds.

Keep your spouseand your fingershappy. Honor your commitment to have and to hold without having to compromise your safety at work. Shop our selection of QALO rings today.