Nautilus Safety Footwear: Don’t Get All Charged Up

ESD Safety Shoes By Nautilus Work Footwear


Have you ever thought about how much electricity the average human being carries around with them – in them – every single day? It’s shocking. (Pun intended!) In fact, you can accumulate as much as 12,000 volts just walking across a carpeted room. And we know you’re asking for it when you do this, but rubbing a balloon against your hair can generate as much as 20,000 volts. On average, the typical human being carries 25,000 volts of electricity with them at any given time. And passing it on to something else is easy. We do it all the time. It’s called static electricity, and it’s the “shock” you feel when you touch something. Sometimes we feel it – like when you touch a door knob or a sweater – but most of the time, we don’t. You have to have a buildup of 1,500 or more volts to feel a static electric charge when you touch something. But a charge with as little as five volts can cause damage to your home computer.

If you work in an industry such as manufacturing, electronics, computers, automobile manufacturing, clean rooms, or in a hospital with sensitive medical equipment, static electricity discharge can be a major problem. It can also lead to flammability hazards. Because there are only two ways for static electricity to leave your body: The first is by transferring it into something else, like that pricy medical equipment. This first option is the problem. The other option is the solution.

It’s called ESD (Electro-Static Dissipating) methods. Nautilus Safety Footwear use ESD to safely transfer static electricity to the ground, so that it doesn’t enter your pricy electronic equipment and cause damage. It has to do with the way the ESD footwear is made. Nautilus Safety Footwear has a distinctive and effective three-part construction: 1) ESD threads contained in the anti-fatigue polyurethane insole pull the electricity out of your foot. The bottom of these insoles are also coated with “ESD Glue” which acts as an additional conductor. 2) An EVA midsole (which also provides exceptional comfort) contains even more ESD threads which pulls the static electricity even further out of your body and closer to the ground. 3) The static electricity finally encounters the carbon-treated rubber outsole, which acts as a grounding agent and dissipates the static electricity. Thus, it is removed from your body and you are safe for work.

Each and every single Nautilus ESD shoe is tested to meet ASTM 2413-05 standards before it ever leaves the factory. Then it is tested again at an independent testing laboratory before they are finally sold.

So the next time you walk across a carpeted floor or get that urge to rub a ballon against your hair, remember what Nautilus Safety Footwear can do to keep you safe. The only thing that should shock you is how well it works. Visit to get yourself a pair today!