Oil and Gas Industry Injuries Steadily Declining


Good news for the oil and natural gas industries was revealed in a report from the American Petroleum Institute (API).  The report stated that operational injuries and illnesses for the oil and natural gas industries occur at a lower rate then the average for the private sector.  In addition, injuries and illnesses in this industry has been steadily declining.  The industry rate in 2011 (2.3 incidents per 100 full-time workers compared to 3.5 incidents for all of the private sector) shows a seven percent decrease since 2010 (the private sector average remained the same).  What is particularly impressive is that although industry and illness rates are declining, the oil and natural gas industries have significantly increased their production levels in recent years.

The industry’s commitment to running safe work sites has clearly paid off.  Often thought of as a highly dangerous and risky industry, it is now significantly safer than many other industries widely considered to be relatively safe.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the fatality rate for oil and gas extraction is actually lower than the fatality rate for taxi and limousine drivers, those working in the waste management field and even bartenders.

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