Stanley Releases Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Mugs


Paying tribute to the original Stanley beverage products, the company is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in part by re-releasing two limited edition designs, inspired by the early originals. The best of the vintage styles of green texture and shiny stainless merged with the company’s years of experience and improvements in quality. Replenish your beverage carrier choices with a classic look and quality function.

The classic brushed green 100th-anniversary bottle taken directly from the beloved 1944 version reminds me of great-grandpa, carrying his coffee with him to have in the truck all day – hot and plenty of it for cold days, especially. (Of course, he probably had that WWII era original.)  He made sure he was refilling his coffee needs from his own pocket and not stops along the way.  And I can still see the screw cap and how its depth fit perfectly in the neck; and I even recall when grandma let me help her put away the dry dishes, how my putting it together for the morning, it turned so fluidly and perfectly and then snugly shut.  And how the drinking cup fit on as a cap.  The re-vamped limited-edition has a lid that fits snugly but also doubles as the cup – progress!  Some nights when great-grandpa came home, great-grandma used to ask if he wanted what was left in the bottle with dinner.  I totally remember learning what an amazing thing a good thermos was when I expressed surprise it was still hot.  Oh, I checked….it was.

Stanley Mugs vacuum bottle was a revolutionary concept in 1913, an invention that allowed portable drinks. Today’s vacuum bottle is still stainless with the double-walled insulation that keeps hot drinks piping or cold drinks icy for a full 24 hours.  The leak-proof design means you, not your truck’s interior, get what you meant to be yours.  (And great-grandpa’s got passed on to one of the uncles who did street construction.)  These offer a lifetime guarantee!

Whether it’s the easy-grip textured green or the smooth, shiny outer stainless, the rugged construction Stanley bottle means you can drop it (accidentally, of course) and it won’t crack.  A little dent here or there is the like patina of life  – it reminds of what was walked through and in the past…These choices are available here and help you and help Mother Earth by refilling a BPA-free container so no chemicals for either!