Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas They’ll Love


Want to be creative this Valentine’s Day? Chocolate, flowers, jewelry, and wine &/or whiskey are pretty cliché for even the best love stories – although, c’mon…who doesn’t love a heart-shaped box? Maybe don’t pass up on the chocolate, but definitely change it up this year by getting your significant other something from our outstanding selection below.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Products

1. E-Gift Cards: Let them do the shopping!

We’re not going to tell them you’ve been racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect gift this year. Honestly, it’s tough keeping track of their work clothes and leather work boots once they get home anyway, so let them choose the gear they want. After all, you don’t want them fake smiling at a pair of work gloves that doesn’t suit their fancy, do you? Giving your loved one a thoughtful gift card puts them in charge – and makes your life a little easier, too.

2. Sweatshirts: Because, well…you’re always stealing their comfy hoodies.

Ok, so maybe you KNOW they need a sweatshirt. We won’t ask for details (unless it’s a hilarious food fight incident that left the borrowed hoodie stained and tattered). Say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with a generous replacement – we’ve got you covered with brands like Carhartt, Dickies, and Timberland PRO. You can also step it up a notch by choosing flame-resistant and water-resistant designs.

3. Wallets: Have them toss out that ratty old wallet. Please.

Whether you choose a classic trifold or a water-repellent sport design, you’ll quickly notice our wallet selection is top-tier. Nothing says, “I love you” quite like also saying, “Here’s a place to store your pull-tabs and driver’s license.” In fact, you don’t have to mutter a thing when you hand over this present…they’ll just feel the love as they hug the leather wallet with their back pocket.

4. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: Give job site safety with this premium design.

Now we’re going to be honest – these lightweight bluetooth earbuds are pretty cool. Cords can be a workplace hazard, so skip the cables this time. When your true love wears these safety earbuds, they’ll also have OSHA compliant hearing protection, water resistance, and background noise canceling (for phone calls) on their side.

5. Flashlights: You’re the light of their life – keep their world bright even in your absence (like when you send them down to the wine cellar on Valentine’s Day, of course…you got them a flashlight; they can fetch the vino!)

This gift idea is downright radiant. Illuminate their path by gifting a tactical flashlight! Our Pelican designs include rechargeable, LED, and recoil features. For work or play (flashlight tag anyone?), providing ample light is the name of the game with this Valentine’s Day gift.