Urgent Carhartt Info


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COVID-19 has done a great job of disrupting the economy. The impacts can still be felt from the closures the pandemic caused, and many companies are trying to power through the negative effects. While stores would love to keep all of their shelves stocked, maintaining inventory has become very tricky.

Many manufacturers are up against inventory constraints. While brands (like Carhartt, for example), have battled back to continue production, adding new styles and maintaining inventory can be greatly impacted by health concerns.

On a weekly basis, the level of uncertainty seems to change. From designers to salespeople, everyone has been impacted.

At Working Person’s Store, we continue to strive for high-quality product selection so that workers like you can keep your focus on the job. 2020 has been a bumpy ride, but we want you to know we’re in this together.

You are a valued customer, so we want to be as transparent as possible. We will work hard to update you on major brand shortages as we continue forward. Please follow our blog and other social media outlets, like our Facebook page, to stay informed about the latest changes.

Everyone at Carhartt is doing everything they can to keep up with product demand, all while taking proper precautions to keep workers and their families safe. We respect their efforts and understand this is a difficult task. If you see a Carhartt product in stock that you want, be sure to order it because it might not be there next time.

Fall seasons are typically filled with Carhartt sweatshirts, hats, jackets, shirts, and more – but this year might look a little different. We will do our best to maintain inventory for our loyal customers, but Carhartt has shifted gears and is more focused on having a successful Spring 2021 to better serve you.

We appreciate all that Carhartt is doing to address health concerns. Check back in for more updates and please reach out to us with any questions. Let’s get through 2020 together!

Styles that are outpacing original forecast and may experience shortages until 2021:

  • A18 – Acrylic Watch Caps
  • K87 – Cotton Pocket Tees
  • K126 – Men’s Long Sleeve Tees
  • 100410 – Force Performance Shirts
  • 104277 (Gravel colorway)
  • C003 – Quilt-Lined Arctic Coats

If health issues continue, the following styles may also struggle:

  • 102776
  • B17 – Relaxed Fit Cotton Denim Jeans (Traditional Fit Style is B18)
  • R41 – Zip to Hip Overalls
  • 104392/104292 (new J141)
  • J131 – USA-Made Hooded Duck Active Jackets
  • J140 – USA-Made Flannel-Lined Jackets
  • B73 – Double-Front Logger Dungaree Jeans
  • 100815