Rewards Program

Rewards Program by
Earn points to connect with Working Person's Store and for reviewing products.

There are many rewards programs out there promising perks when you accumulate points.  While it seems like a good deal, usually the only thing you accumulate is more of those little cards for your keychain.  At, you can now get rewarded for reviewing and promoting the products you love, without the hassle of remembering your exclusive keychain card because all you need now is access to the internet and a account. Not only do your online purchases earn you points, but active participation in making more social and interactive website will help as well. Now you can easily participate in the rewards program doing the things you typically do on a retail website, except this time you get paid back for the interactions that you do.

Joining Working Person’s Store’s Reward Program is easy and free. When you sign up on the rewards page you instantly get 250 points for simply joining in the fun and signing up a new account.  There are lots of other ways you are able to earn points. Write product reviews and watch your points add up.  You can even earn bonus points for being the first to review a product!  Not big on review writing?  Link to your Facebook or Twitter account to earn additional bonus points.  Or, even easier, earn points by liking products, +1 products or marking the reviews on our website as “helpful”.  Spread the word about this rewards program because when you recruit a friend to it, you get a whopping 300 points! Want to know more about the current specials and dealing going on, sign up for the newsletter, it earns you points!
Your rewards points can be redeemed for gift codes of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1,000 dollars to be used toward purchases.  These points cannot be turned into cash however they will still work like cash when you order products off Do you have a competitive side to you? You can track the top 19 point earners in the rewards leaderboard to see which rank you fall. Play along with your friends and family. See who can earn the most points. When you’re done redeem your points by adding them to your cart before you check out. It is simple!
Terms and conditions apply to the rewards program so it is important to review these terms before you begin. Earning points is not hard, it just takes a little time. All attempts to earn rewards are tracked by WorkingPerson’s employees and only valid attempts will qualify. What is better than spending a little time doing the things you do, writing reviews, connecting through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, talking to your friends and telling them about the new rewards program. All those things are going to get done by you anyways, why not start earning points while you do it!
Working Person’s Store carries over thousands of products including work boots, workwear clothing, rugged outerwear and other work accessories.  Use your gift codes to save money on the brands you trust like Carhartt, Dickies, Timberland PRO and many more. Remeber to visit to read all of the details, sign up and start racking up the rewards!