Bates Riding Boots Collection


What’s your favorite scenic trail? Is it Ormond? Big Bend? Tahoe? Maybe Copper Trail? As motorcycle enthusiasts know, there is nothing on this earth as enjoyable as a ride along your favorite scenic trail. Places like Palomar, Talimena, and Escalante are the absolute definition of beauty. And now, you can enjoy that beauty everywhere you go.

Well, kind of. The new 2012 line of Bates Riding Collection motorcycle boots are here, and each style is named after a favorite scenic ride: Ormond, Big Bend, Talimena, Tahoe, Palomar, Black Canyon, Copper Trail, and Escalante. And these boots are a thing of beauty in their own right. They’re almost as beautiful as the places themselves. Almost.

Bates boots created eight different styles of the Bates Riding Collection all have something different and beautiful to offer. The sleek mid-calf Tahoe features classic metal accents, while the hardcore lace-up Escalante boasts a waterproof leather/mesh fusion upper. Just as we know you might prefer one beautiful scenic ride over another, Bates knows that some people prefer different things than others when it comes to their motorcycle boots. So whatever your preference, these Bates motorcycle boots will have something for you, offering riders the many different styles they wanted as well as needed.

“We realize that riders look for specific qualities in their riding boots,” says Julie McCauley, Bates Marketing Manager. “Some prefer them taller like the Tahoe Riding Boots while others prefer shorter ones like the Black Copper Trail Riding Boots,  Big Bend Riding Boots or Black Canyon Motorcycle Boots. Some like lace-up boots like the Ormond Riding Boots, others like the classic pull-on, like the Black Palmor Motorcycle Boots. That’s why, when designing our boots, we focused on the collection as a whole and repeatedly asked ourselves if we were creating variety as well as value. We think the answer is clearly yes.” Bates has even made a logger boot that is capable of work and play, if this sounds like a pair of boots that is perfect for you, check out Bate’s Talimena Logger Boots.

They’re beautiful because of the materials Bates uses to make them, and the process Bates uses to make them. The Bates boots brand has been around for more than 125 years and is celebrated for its attention to detail and consistent use of top-tier materials. And those qualities are reflected in every pair of Bates motorcycle boots.

“While we’re experts in creating heavy-duty boots, this is a bit of a departure for our brand,” McCauley says. “To date, our focus has been on designing military footwear that could, for instance, carry soldiers into hostile terrains. Now, we’re using that same expertise to make boots that perform as well for everyday motorcyclists and the recreational weekend warrior.”

For those who demand indestructible riding equipment, Bates riding boots carry on the tradition of rugged performance. With Bates motorcycle boots, it’s beauty meets rugged durability. Which is kind of exactly what motorcycle riding is all about, isn’t it?

Whether they’re worn daily or just on long weekend rides or vacations, when it comes to high-performance motorcycle riding boots, there’s a new leader of the pack: Bates motorcycle boots. has the full Bates Riding Collection available. Get your pair today, and take beauty with you everywhere you go.