Diamond Trax Work Boots – by Georgia Boot – Gets An Upgrade

Georgia Giant Diamond Trax Outsoles


When your work boots get good and broken in, and …. turns into durability, and, well, what we’re trying to say here is, when your work boots start to experience some wear and tear, you’d expect their performance to start slipping. Maybe they’re simply not as effective as they used to be. Maybe they’re not what they used to be. Maybe it’s time for a new pair. These questions are all good and valid, as long as you’re not wearing Diamond Trax work boots by Georgia Boot. Because Diamond Trax work boots by Georgia Boot are the first work outsole featuring slip-resistant technology that actually improves with wear. That’s right, put those bad boys to use and give ‘em all you’ve got, because they only get better the more you wear them.

The Diamond Trax work boots collection debuted in 2011, and were an immediate success. This year, they’re even better, since they’re getting an upgrade. The 2012 version features improved leathers and new styles. Working Person’s Store will carry the 6 inch non-steel toe (G6593) and 6 inch steel toe (G6693) along with the 8 inch non-steel toe (G8593) and 8 inch (G8693) steel-toe version. Look out for these Diamond Trax boots coming to WorkingPerson.com in Fall 2012.

“We took the unique Diamond Trax outsole technology and improved the upper with a rich, full-grain leather and more design options than ever before,” said Jordan Gottke, the marketing director for Georgia Boot. “We are confident there is still no other boot like it on the market.”

What’s unique about the Diamond Trax outsole is that it maintains a high level of surface roughness throughout the life of the sole. As you continue to use them and rough them up further, Diamond Trax outsoles develop even more friction over time. This is different than most slip-resistant outsoles, which become polished and therefore more slippery with extended wear, instead of gaining more traction like Diamond Trax.

Test results have demonstrated again and again that Diamond Trax work boots not only have better friction than their competitors right out of the box, but improve with use. Here’s some data which shows that: A new Diamond Trax work boot on dry quarry tile has 0.63 coefficient of friction, while a used Diamond Trax work boot has .68. A new boot on dry vinyl tile has .69 coefficient of friction, while a used one has an incredible .88. The same goes for wet surfaces, with the new boot on wet vinyl tile demonstrating a .63 coefficient of friction, and a used Diamond Trax boot performing at .77. Simply remarkable.

Diamond Trax work boots by Georgia Boot are available at WorkingPerson.com in six-inch and eight-inch lace-ups, as well as pull-on wellingtons. All of them have optional steel toe protection and ASTM electrical hazard protection. These Diamond Trax work boots offer flexible yet sturdy support, and feature a Comfort Core 5 removable footbed.

Georgia Boot is based in Nelsonville, Ohio. (Yeah, we wondered why they’re not called Ohio Boot too), but there’s nothing confusing about the way they perform. Giving you their best, even when they get worn down and tired. Just like you. Visit WorkingPerson.com to get yourself a pair today!