Do you have Moxie?


You’ve heard the phrase. We all have. “She’s got moxie.” But what does that mean? Is moxie some illusive personality trait? Is it a skill you acquire? If you look up the official definition in the dictionary, it will tell you that moxie is a “force of character, determination, or nerve.” In other words, it’s a tough woman who knows how to take control and get things done. She cannot be deterred. That’s something that working women who wear Moxie Trades work boots know well.

When you say “she’s got Moxie,” well, that’s got more than one meaning. It all goes back to the beginning. Moxie Trades was started by a working mom named Marissa McTasney who quit her job at a computer company to learn more hands-on skills. She also learned something else — that working women were often forced to choose to wear unattractive, poorly-fitting men’s work clothing and work boots. So she did something about it. She had moxie. And she could not be deterred.

Moxie Trades now makes boots, hats, pants, overalls, hard hats, safety glasses, and other work apparel and products. And, yes, you can get that in pink. Just because you can do all the work a man can do, that doesn’t mean you have to dress like one. It took the determination of character to start her business, and now it’s thriving. Now, you can have moxie too. Because now, you can have Moxie Trades. Moxie Boots are available at Working Person’s Store in many different styles with many different features. Like the Lightweight Composite Toe Betsy Xtreme Women’s Work Boots. Yes, they come in pink. Talk about nerve.

From hiking boots to puncture-resistant athletic shoes, to steel toe work shoes with pink accents, Moxie Trades has you covered, whatever your line of work. A fantastic, stylish, durable, and comfortable set of boots and shoes, all produced by a woman with moxie, just like you. Starting a business from scratch isn’t easy, but neither is the work you do. Moxie gets that. And that force of character, determination, and nerve is something you feel all day long. You’re wearing things designed by a woman who knows what it’s like to work. Moxie understands your needs and creates boots and clothing that cater to that.

Want a pink tool belt? Moxie makes that. Pink hard hat? Of course. Moxie Trades makes stretch work pants that provide the fit, comfort, and performance that a woman needs at work. Only a woman can truly understand what a woman needs on the work site. By the way, they make lots of stuff in blue, green, tan, and other colors too, if pink isn’t your thing. But point being, you should feel good when you’re at work, and we don’t just mean wearing comfortable boots and clothing. You’ll feel good knowing and show that women can make it in a man’s work world, and that will be obvious when you’re wearing Moxie Trades brand footwear and apparel. So when someone says, “she’s got moxie,” you can look them in the eye and say, “you’re darn right I do.” Get your moxie from Working Person’s Store today!