Recommended Uses for Blends of Treated and Inherently FR Fibers


The major differences between treated fibers and fabrics and inherently FR fibers is that inherently FR fibers are permanently flame resistant for the life of the fabric.  This has been determined by testing which is required when regulating safety standards for FR apparel. In this section, we will talk about two blends and what makes these fabrics unique. It is our intention to inform you so that you too can choose and protect yourself with your appropriate FR clothing and apparel.

Nomex – FR rayon blends
Nomex fabric has been blended with Lenzing FR (see previous section for more information) to produce a highly durable and permanent FR material. It is specifically made from a blend of a 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar and 2% static dissipative fiberNomex is typically used in petrochemical, utilities and for fire fighters station wear. It does not melt and actually acts as an insulator. This fabric also retains moisture very well. Nomex-FR rayon blends should be washed in soft water at a medium temperature. Do not use chlorine bleach when washing. These blends can also be dry cleaned if desired. Follow manufacturer care instructions.

Vinex – FR 9B
Vinex is a blend of 85% vinyl and FR 15%rayon and is used almost exclusively in the aluminum casting industry because of its unique ability to shed molten aluminum. It should not be used in environments with critical static control applications or where it can be exposed to molten zinc. There should be limited use in aluminum smelters or pot rooms because cryolite will stick to it. Vinex is resistant to many chemical acids or alkalis. However, nitric acid will degrade the fabric. It will not provide personal chemical protection to the wearer. The garment will not melt if exposed to flame, but will shrink excessively if exposed to moist heat above 140 degree F. Vinex should not be taken off in hazardous areas. When laundering Vinex, be sure to wash in soft, cold water, as the fabric is very sensitive to moist heat. If you dry the fabric, make sure to dry it on permanent press. If the garment is completely dry, you may iron it with no steam. It may also be dry cleaned, which may remove softeners in the clothing, maybe it less comfortable.