USMC Footwear Regulations



The USMC has issued the regulations for their footwear. In these USMC footwear regulations, a general description is also given for the type of footwear that will be allowed to wear at workplace. It is stated in the regulations that all the Marines may buy and wear approved commercial black leather and synthetic leather shoes in semi-gloss or high gloss finishes on an optional basis (approval identification not required for pumps). These shoes may be used to satisfy minimum requirements. The Chukka boots are specifically authorized for male officers and SNCO’s only. It is made clear that all the Marines will generally wear clear, smoky gray or black zipper closure overshoes or rubbers of plain design with the uniform during inclement weather.

There are also different regulations for females; they are allowed to wear plain black USMC boots, which do not extend above the knee. Platform soles are prohibited for females; however, they are allowed to put on a one-piece sole/heel construction in flat or wedge style. The soles and heels of these military boots should be black and linings will be inconspicuous. Not these all items are meant to be worn indoors. Some of the items are prohibited completely like double or platform soles, heels, metal heel or toe plates.

USMC boots or Military boots regulations have been made such that the hot or temperature weather boots are allowed to put on in any version of the utility uniform at the individual’s option. Different types of authorized boots are also described in these regulations. Marine Corps Combat Boot, Temperature weather (MCCB (TW)) and Marine Corps Combat Boot, Hot Weather Boots (MCCB (HW)) are the brown rough-side-out leather boot, issued/sold through DOD supply system or from those private vendors who have authority to sell the patented boot. The optional MCCBs are also one of the authorized boots with a Marine Corps approval identification number and Marine Corps emblem on the outside heel of the boot are authorized for wear with the utility uniform and will meet the minimum requirement.

The USMC footwear regulations have also been imposed on the male dress shoes. It is made clear in these regulations that the officers’ dress black shoes will only be of two types, either oxford or chukka boot in style or may be the bal- or blucher-type.

Likewise, the female dress shoes regulations are also made clear and it is stated that all pumps will be of conservative cut with closed toes and heel without ornamental stitching or seams.

The black suede or the fabric pumps are only allowed to put on with the evening dress uniforms. The heel sizes have also been described in the regulations, heels should measure from 1-1/2 inches to 3 inches in height and the base of the heel should measure from 3/8 by 3/8 inch to 1-1/4 by 1-1/2 inches.

The black pumps, with an exception of the evening dress are supposed to be smooth leather or synthetic leather and if it is having any elastic binding around the throat then it must match the color of the pump. The measures of heel for these black pumps also have been regulated like those of the black suede. Its heels should measure from 1 inch to 3 inches in height and its base of the heel will measure from 3/8 by 3/8 inch to 1-1/2 by 1-7/8 inches.

The black dress flats are authorized as an optional purchase and wear with dress as well as service uniforms instead of black pumps or oxfords under certain conditions. The flats are not required to contain USMC boot approval identification, however, the black dress flats should be of smooth leather or synthetic leather, with the same general appearance standards as pumps. Wedged heels are prohibited for flats, only separate and distinct heels from the sole of the shoe are allowed.

Particular guidelines have been given in the USMC footwear regulations, regarding how the black pumps, dress flats, and oxfords will be worn.

In case if a skirt is worn, then the black pumps or black flats will be worn at the individual’s option, with some exceptions. The exceptions in this case are that if the skirt is worn for the occasions that require functional uniformity, then the oxfords will be the prescribed footwear. For the formal occasions, the black pumps will be worn with the blue dress or blue white dress uniform with the skirt. When the duty involves prolonged works in the walking or standing states then oxfords are authorized for wear, as the pumps are unsafe in such conditions

In the situations when either slacks are worn as part of the blue dress or service uniform then at the individual’s option black oxfords or black dress flats will be allowed to worn according to the USMC boots or military boots regulations. Here an exception is made that the oxfords will be prescribed for the occasions that require functional uniformity. In case the maternity service uniform with skirt is worn then pumps, oxfords or flats will be the match. Oxfords are allowed to worn with the maternity service uniform when the slacks are worn. Dark hose and black socks are also prescribed to be worn with oxfords and slacks. The USMC boots or military boots regulations have made it very convenient for the Marines to select the best-suited footwear according to the work and workplace. In addition to USMC regulations, Berry Compliance and other standards must be followed.