Xenon Bulbs: What are They?

Xenon Flashlight Bulbs


We have a whole bunch of flashlights that feature Xenon bulbs, so we thought you should know…

Xenon is a rare, nonflammable, odorless gas. (More Than You Wanted To Know Department: the name comes from the Greek word, “xenos,” meaning “strange.”) Xenon bulbs are incandescent halogen bulbs with the gas xenon added to them.

When a charge of electricity passes through this gas at low pressure (we know, all this talk about “passing” and “gas” makes us uncomfortable, too), it emits a flash of bluish-white light.

At higher pressures, you get a whiter light resembling daylight. The element xenon is used in lamps that produce intense, extremely short flashes of light, such as stroboscopes and lights for high-speed photography. It’s even used to activate ruby lasers.

So what does this mean to you?  Compared to halogen bulbs:

  • Xenon bulbs last up to 3 times longer
  • Xenon bulbs are 15% cooler, more efficient
  • Xenon bulbs emit a higher “light color” that increases contrast and ease of color identification

So for walking the trail or repairing those HVAC units, you’re hanging around the top of the line with a good Xenon bulb in your flashlight. You can rely on WorkingPerson.com to provide you with quality Xenon Bulb Flashlights. Search Pelican Flashlights for various Xenon Bulb flashlights and accessories.