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So you’ve eaten way too much food, and you’re not even mad about it. You also decided to say, “Forget it,” when thinking about Black Friday shopping. Who needs to fight the crowds, camp out on cold sidewalks amongst strangers, and end the Thanksgiving week filled with anger instead of joy? You’re still kicking yourself for allowing that child to swipe the last available video game system out of your hands last year.

It’s time to shop online. Lose the stress and up the fun! At Working Person’s Store, we’ve got plenty of exciting sales for you. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one (or both), be sure to check out our awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and other special sales – some are going on right now!

Our Black Friday 2015 deals aren’t just on Black Friday – we have new deals every day for 7 days. This is our Spectacular 7 Sale – you can even sign up for our newsletter to get the latest info on new deals. You can stay up-to-date on when offers unlock and become available to you.

Our 12 Days of Christmas 2015 sale activates two new deals each day. This goes through December 5, 2015, so start shopping!

We have a Guy Gifts category that’ll help you find the perfect present for your dad, grandpa, husband, brother, and any other loved ones who deserve it. You’ve given enough neckties over the years to know they’re more than set on those, so give them manly gifts they’ll really love, like tool bags, wallets, flasks, and more.

Stay on top of our latest products through our New Products category. We’re always adding new stuff to our site, so check it out!

Have a person in your life who’s difficult to shop for? Opt to give them a gift card to WPS so they can choose their own present this year!

Holiday shopping shouldn’t have to be chaotic. Enjoy the lack of shoving into store entrances and arguments in parking lots afterward by simply shopping at Working Person’s Store – in the comfort of your own home!