Enjoy the Outdoors With the Right Winter Apparel


For many, winter is a dreaded time of year.  The roads are hazardous, the weather is unpleasant, and let’s not forget about the frigid temperatures that often keep up cooped up indoors.  However, with the right winter outerwear, you can enjoy your favorite cold weather sports like snowmobiling and skiing or comfortably complete your daily errands without feeling like you’re turning into an ice cube.

One of the best ways to make the most out of your winter gear is to layer up.  Layering allows you to add and remove articles of clothing based on your own personal comfort.  When layering, you want to keep three main layers in mind: wicking, insulating and weather protection.  The wicking layer is what you wear closest to your skin.  This layer is what will wick moisture away from your skin so you feel dry and warm.  For your wicking layer, look for long thermal underwear made of a synthetic (polyester) fiber.  The insulating layer is what keeps the heat in and the cold out.  Fleece and wool are great materials to wear for your insulating layer.  Another great idea is to make sure your boots are insulated. Many brands have their own type of insulation they use, but Thinsulate is one of the most popular. Finally the weather protection layer should be your shells and pants that are waterproof, yet breathable.  This is the layer that will block the wind, rain, snow and sleet.

When it comes to cold temperatures, accessorizing is key.  Up to 60% of your body’s heat can escape from an uncovered head, so it is important to wear a hat, helmet or headband made from a warm material such as fleece or wool.  Sunglasses and goggles are a must for skiers and snowboarders.  It is easy to forget about the danger of the sun’s rays when it is cold, but snow is a reflective surface that can UV rays stronger. For your winter gloves or mittens, you also want them to be made from a waterproof and breathable material.  Keep in mind that mittens will keep your hands warmer than gloves, but you need to consider the amount of dexterity you might need as mittens do hinder dexterity.  While layering is important for your body, it is not always a good idea to layer your socks.  Too many pairs of socks can restrict circulation and actually cause your feet to get colder.  Instead, find a warm pair of polyester, wool, nylon, or silk socks that will keep your feet warm while also wicking away moisture.

With the right gear, you can enjoy hours of your favorite winter sport or shovel the driveway in comfort and style.  Shop WorkingPerson.com today for all of your essential layers and winter accessories and don’t let the harsh weather of winter stop you from having fun outdoors!