How to Fit Yourself for a Belt


“If your pants have loops, you need to wear a belt.” Most people don’t follow that classic bit of style advice, but many people still like to anyway. Not only does a belt keep your work pants secure, but it can also be useful for attaching things to your waist — anything from tools to a cell phone.

Choosing whether or not to wear a belt is easy. The hard part is choosing what size you need. They don’t exactly teach it in school. But there are a few simple tips you can follow to help you find your correct belt size. If you ever find yourself wondering how big of a belt you need, here’s the answer: The belt buckle clip should fit into the middle hole. It really is that simple. That way, you have an even amount of belt on each side of your buckle. That’s the proper sizing for a belt.

Still, if you’re ordering online or aren’t trying belts on in a store, that doesn’t necessarily tell you which size you need to order. But it’s actually pretty easy to do. The easiest way to find your belt size is to use a belt you already own. Use a tape measure and measure the distance from where the leather attaches to the buckle to the hole you use. If that, for example, is 34 inches, then that means you need a size 34 belt. 38 inches? You’re a size 38. It really is that simple.

Even if you don’t currently use the middle hole, if you follow this sizing method, you will be using the middle hole once you get your new belt. But you don’t have to use an existing belt to determine your correct size. You can also use a flexible measuring tape to simply measure yourself. Wrap the measuring tape around your waist, over your clothes, where the belt would be. If that’s 36 inches, then you are a size 36 belt. If it’s 42 inches, then you’re a size 42 belt. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Follow these easy tips and feel better about ordering online from Working Person’s Store and not being able to try the belt on. These tips guarantee a good fit, so you’ll be comfortable throughout your entire workday!