Insulated or Non-Insulated Boots?


So you’re browsing the web, doing your best Goldilocks impression, trying to find the pair of boots that are just right. And you realize, there’s a big decision to be made here: Do I want insulated boots, or non-insulated boots? Which is better? The answer depends on what you plan to use them for. Both have pros and cons.

Insulated boots are warmer. This should not come as a surprise. When one set of boots has insulation — extra material whose purpose it is to keep in warmth — and the other set does not, it makes sense that the boots with the insulation in them would be warmer. So, generally speaking, insulated boots are better for you than non-insulated boots if you plan to be wearing them outdoors in cold weather. On the other hand, non-insulated boots are less bulky — again, less material on the inside — and so they are generally better than insulated boots if you’re going to be wearing your new boots in milder weather.

Insulated boots might simply keep in too much warmth. Oftentimes, in milder weather, it’s less warmth that you want, not more, and so that layer of insulation in your boots, which makes your footwear less breathable, might actually cause your feet to overheat, sweat, and then get that insulation wet. Not fun. So in that case, you’d be better off with non-insulated boots. You also probably would want to go with non-insulated boots if you are going to be walking around in wet weather, when you need protection from the elements, but not from the temperatures. In a rainy climate, non-insulated is often the better choice, since being waterproof is more important than being warmth.

So, if you are going to be spending longer periods of time outside in cold temperatures — shoveling snow, winter hiking, building that snowman — insulated boots are definitely the way to go. But in milder temperatures, such as during spring or fall, you’ll probably be much happier with a pair of thick socks, rather than insulation. You might not feel it when you first step out the door, but once you get moving and your body heat kicks in, you’ll be glad to have something a little lighter. Great thing is, many boots offer removable insulation — the best of both worlds. Have your cake and eat it too. For a great selection of insulated boots, non-insulated boots, and removable-insulated boots, check out Working Person’s Store. We’ve got what you need, Goldilocks — the boots that are just right.