Not All Insulated Gloves Are Created Equal



If you work in industries such as oil and gas, mining, transportation and construction, you know that the work does not stop when the weather turns cold. In cold, snowy and rainy conditions it is essential that you change up your work wear so that you’re adequately prepared for the risks involved. This is especially true for your work gloves.

There are tons of winter work gloves out there that are labeled “thermal” or “insulated”. Of course, “thermal” sounds like what you probably want when the temperature drops, but you must consider the other features of the glove to determine if it is appropriate for you and your job.

Without the right amount of glove protection from the cold, workers can be victims of thermal discomfort and even the tissue damage of frostbite. For this reason, it is important that your work gloves include insulation. Insulation in a glove traps cold air between the outside of the glove-wearers hand. There are lower-quality insulation that is thick and bulky and do not trap air effectively. However, premium insulation includes finer microfibers that trap air and allow the glove itself to be thinner, providing you with more dexterity.

It seems like a simple concept that more insulation will make the glove warmer. But, if you’re using your insulated gloves to perform essential tasks on the job, you need to consider the amount of dexterity required and find the perfect balance.

Another important aspect of a great thermal work glove is waterproofing technology. Not all gloves labeled “thermal” will be able to stop water from coming in. In traditional waterproof gloves, there is a waterproof insert which is hand-shaped and placed in the shell of the glove. Gloves with these inserts will always have a gap between the inside of the outer shell of the glove. While water will not touch the wearers hands, the gloves themselves become saturated with water over time. This shortens the life of the gloves and makes the insulation less effective.

A more recent waterproofing technology, the waterproof membrane, gives gloves maximum dexterity while still protecting the wearer from moisture. The membrane also helps wick moisture from sweat away from hands for a more comfortable wear. carries a variety of thermal work gloves with weatherproofing technology so you are sure to find a pair that fits your needs. Whether you need high-vis, gripper, cut resistant or other features, we can help you find the glove that’s right for you!