Water-Resistant Or Waterproof Footwear

Waterproof Footwear Verse Water Resistant Footwear


Water-Resistant Footwear: Silicone is added to the tanning process.  The leather will take on water if exposed to moisture for any length of time.  Intended for minimal exposure to water.  Recommended use of Silicone Spray, AquaSeal, Mink oil or boot oil on your water-resistant footwear to keep them in top-shape longer.

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Guaranteed Waterproof Construction: Silicone is added to the tanning process.  A special waterproof tape is applied to the back of all stitched seams to prevent water from entering the holes created from stitching.  Intended for all environments of exposure to water.  Again, the recommended use of Silicone Spray, AquaSeal, Mink oil or boot oil on your water-resistant footwear will keep your footwear in top-shape longer.

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Guaranteed Waterproof Liner: A waterproof and breathable booty (membrane) is inside the upper of the boot just behind the leather.  The holes in the booty (membrane) are so small that sweat vapor can pass out, but a water molecule cannot pass in.  There are 9 billion holes in every one square inch of the booty.

Several Brands Of Waterproof Liners

GORE-TEX Waterproof Membrane One Year Guarantee
SYMPATEX Waterproof Membrane One Year Guarantee
CHIP-A-TEX Waterproof Membrane 6 Month Guarantee CHIPPEWA Work Boots Only
HYPER-DRI Waterproof Membrane 6 Month Guarantee LACROSSE Work Boots Only
DRY-W Membrane One Year Guarantee Red Wing Shoes Only


Working Person’s Store does not recommend any products like mink oil or SnowSeal.  The leather used with these booties must possess breathability so the bootie can perform (breathe).  Paste products may clog the leather’s pores, causing the leather to not breathe sufficiently.  This can increase foot temperature and/or cause your feet to get excessively sweaty.  Also, using paste products on boots that have waterproof booties voids the waterproof guarantee.  Many times people think that their work boots with waterproof liners are leaking when, in fact, their feet feel wet due to perspiration.