Working Person’s Store Interactive Catalog

Working Person's Store's Interactive Catalog Serves As Working Person's Store's Online Interactive Catalog

As the technologically savvy world continues to advance, you either have to get on board or get left behind. Getting on board is exactly what Working Person’s Store (WPS) has been doing since 2003 when launched.

This new way to shop WPS allows viewers to digitally flip pages, easily searching through specific workwear categories and products. When a viewer gets to the product they like, all they have to do is simply click on the link. This link is the product style number, and it will take them instantly to where they can view additional information about that product, search for similar products and/or add that product to their cart and check out to purchase.

Another great feature about is the ability to zoom in a product or specific areas of the product, gaining a much closer view versus simply looking at the print copy. This helps the viewer see exactly what it is they are purchasing, reducing confusion about what they are getting. This will ultimately help reduce the number of returns, providing WPS employees more time to focus on order completion and providing exceptional customer service.

Working Person’s Store’s ultimate goal for is to give their viewers a more interactive and accessible way to view their catalogs. Some of the products you will find in WPS catalogs includes safety footwear and clothing, including fire-resistant and high-visibility workwear and outerwear. will help their catalogs reach a wider audience by providing the ability to disseminate a web address versus solely mailing out costly catalogs. Plus, it saves time for the consumers. Rather than mailing in your order that you selected from the catalog, you can easily log on to the web and search through Once you find the product you want, you simply click on the link. This will cut out time and hassle by directing you specifically to the product you choose. Then, all you have left to do is check out and wait for your package to arrive!

Staying on top of technology is important so we can serve our customers however they decide to shop. Whether you plan to shop or play, check it out today and get on board the technology train! Simplify the search for high-quality workwear, tell your friends and co-workers all about the cool and new, brought to you by Working Person’s Store.