2014 Workwear Manual from Working Person’s Store


Online shopping doesn’t get much easier than it is on WorkingPerson.com.  With great photographs and detailed descriptions, customers like you can find exactly they’re looking for without ever getting up off the couch!  With WorkWearCatalog.com, Working Person’s Store is taking fun and easy shopping for quality products to the next level.

We are pleased to release our latest catalog: the 2014 Workwear Manual.  Complete with an interactive version on WorkWearCatalog.com, a downloadable PDF, and an ink and paper version available upon request, the 2014 Workwear Manual is sure to take you on a journey through all the on the job apparel that will keep you in comfort and style from winter to summer.

At 92 pages, the 2014 Workwear Manual is our largest catalog yet and is filled with more of our own photography.  This isn’t just your run of the mill catalog with tiny pictures and minimal description.  At Working Person’s Store, we want you to have an excellent shopping experience no matter where you are.  That’s why we’ve added more lifestyle imagery into the design so you can be confident in your purchase, even when you don’t see it live and in-person.

To check out the catalog, simply log on to WorkWearCatalog.com and click the image of the cover for the downloadable PDF version.  On WorkWearCatalog.com, you can also read about the history of Working Person’s Store as well as interesting blog posts about some of the great products found in the catalog such as Timberland PRO’s Hyperion Boots.

If you prefer to shop old school style, simply click “Download” on WorkWearCatalog.com for a link to the page where you can order your own print edition of the catalog.   The hard copy version is sure to be a break-room hit!

If you still aren’t curious to check out the catalog, remember this, the 2014 Workwear Manual promises free shipping on all orders $49.00 and up!  So, what are you waiting for?  Log on to WorkWearCatalog.com today!