Ariat Work FR

Ariat Fire Resistant Workwear

Known for being a manufacturer of riding boots, along with other equipment and apparel for equestrians, Ariat continues to expand its product selection. The company provides engineered Western style boots for riding, work, and casual wear, and they’ve sponsored many equestrian events.

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Ariat is now proud to offer Ariat Work FR, which is a line of flame-resistant workwear that’s designed specifically for people who work in hazardous work environments. Electricians and those who work in the utility, gas, oil, and petrochemical fields who are at risk of electric arc flashes and flash fires will be more than happy to have this type of flame-resistant workwear. FR safety ratings, such as NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, and F1506, are met by several of their flame-resistant products to give you the greatest coverage possible

The brand stays true to its roots by using innovation to come up with new ideas. They’re dedicated to making products they’re proud of and providing customers with durable protection. Their flame-resistant jeans are made out of ring-spun denim, and you’ll have a comfortable fit, thanks to the no-rub comfort inseams. The 100% cotton denim can keep up with the rigorous days you put your body through, and you’ll have the flame-resistant coverage you need.

All of Ariat’s shirts feature the Greater Arm Mobility extended inseam construction, and this provides you with a full range of motion. It makes sure the cuffs won’t ride up and your shirt tail remains tucked in when you’re twisting, bending, lifting, and moving all day. Most of their flame-resistant shirts have Moisture Management Technology, which wicks away perspiration to keep you cool and comfortable.

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