Carhartt Outerwear Fabric Guide

Carhartt Outerwear Fabrics
Carhartt Outerwear Fabrics

Carhartt Outerwear Shell Fabrics

Cotton Duck

No fowl were hurt when making this material, but you can be assured Carhartt had only humans in mind when they constructed their coats and jacket using this stuff.A breathable, tightly woven fabric, the name comes from the Dutch word, “doek,” meaning “canvas.” Carhartt uses double yarn in this 12 ounce duck (also called “firm duck” since it’s unwashed) for durability, it’s treated for water-resistance and is good at protecting against snags and tears. The cotton is “ring-spun” so you get fibers that are tightly twisted together. This makes for a softer feel, not at all like your old canvas tent. Firm Cotton Duck is featured in many different types of Carhartt jackets, such as Carhartt Chore Coats or Hooded Jackets.

Sandstone Duck

Do you or your loved one deserve just a little bit more luxury? This shell fabric takes our friend 12 ounce “cotton duck” but micro-sands and garment-washes it. What this means to you is an almost-brushed look, an even softer feel (or “hand,” as we pro’s call it), and a thicker appearance (the garment, not you, thank goodness). In addition, the garment-washing means less shrinkage so layering won’t become a “hold-your-breath” kind of deal. Some examples of this shell include these Carhartt Coats, these Carhartt Active Jackets, and these Carhartt Lined Hoods.


This is a rugged cotton fabric with extra lengthwise fibers. You can see it’s different from cotton duck by the diagonal weave on the underside. Heck, we know denim when we see it! Carhartt makes this fabric a little heavier than their duck, and it comes in at 13.5 ounces. Their denim is also “ring-spun” and sanded. If you are interested in Carhartt Denim check out these jeans.

Midweight Canvas

Interestingly, the word “canvas” probably comes from “cannabis” because it’s used to be made from hemp. Perhaps because their employees weren’t productive enough, Carhartt uses cotton for their 8.5 ounce version. It’s known as a tough cloth, as is a little more breathable than duck. Carhartt makes sure this material is garment-washed also for that softer, broken-in feel. Feel free to check out some of this Carhartt Canvas Jacket.

Work Camo

This is basically your Sandstone Duck but with A RealTree Hardwoods HD pattern.


A light polyester knit fabric is coated with a polyurethane. Carhartt works this waterproof, abrasion- and wind-resistant material into a nice Men’s Work-Flex Coat and some Men’s Waterproof Work Pants.

Soft Shell

You get a nylon skin bonded to a polyurethane fleece layer for lightweight water- and wind-resistant protection from the weather.

Waterproof Breathable

This laminated nylon with sealed seams means a waterproof covering that’s breathable to help regulate body temperature.

Certified High Visibility

Carhartt folks start with a 600 denier heavyweight polyester material–polyester is quite abrasion-resistant, so this thing should last. They then coat it with a water-repellent finish. Still on the job, they add a waterproof membrane, use a “can’t miss it” color, and stick on some Scotchlite taping (don’t these guys ever take a break?).


A 50 mm. polyester-backed polyvinyl chloride product , this will give you complete protection from wet , oil, dirt, etc. You can find this here in some brightly-colored Carhartt Rain Jackets, and Protective Overalls.


These articles are for when you’re going to be out in really cold, inclement weather. The shell uses heavy-duty 1000 denier Cordura nylon for both abrasion- and water-resistance. Look for this warming treatment in Carhartt Extreme Clothing.

Outerwear Linings


Made of lightweight polyester, this is a good breathable lining for cooler days and Spring evenings on the yacht.


This is also a 100% polyester weave. A little warmer, try this for some of those colder Fall yard work days. WPS hosts a whole line of different colored hoodies with this material. If a jacket is more your style, take a look at this Sandstone Duck Jacket.


A 65/35 polyester and cotton blend, this is a ribbed knit that doesn’t wrinkle easily while the cotton will absorb moisture. When it’s “nippy” outside but you’re being active, this is the one to wear. It’s also good if you work both indoors and outdoors.


We’re getting a little warmer here with this high-loft fleece lining. It’s a 7 ounce pile combination of 70% acrylic and 30% polyester fibers. This could be used in a Winter garment if you’re fairly active outdoors, or a Fall jacket if you’re not. A good bet for layering in the Winter. In the mood for this cozy lining? WPS carries this Carhartt Sherpa-Lined Jacket along with other styles of sherpa coats, and vests.


Carhartt’s blanket lining is also a combination of moisture-wicking acrylic and polyester in a non-bulky layer featuring a striped or plaid pattern. You know how cold the car can be on a Winter morning? Try this on for size (and warmth). Be ready for the chill with this Carhartt Blanket-Lined Chore Coat, or any other options we provide.

Arctic Quilt

Now we’re talking “no layer needed.” Nylon taffeta is quilted to a layer of high loft polyester batting to give you maximum warmth (short of sitting on a hot toaster.) Take it to the extreme with this Carhartt Arctic Quilt Winter Coat.