Gore-Tex Waterproof Technology Solves the Old Age Question

Gore-Tex Fabric Is Guaranteed To Keep You Dry
Stay Dry With Gore-Tex Waterproof Liners

It’s a question that has mystified civilizations for centuries. Different tactics were tried. First, hedges. After that, fences. Then came walls. They even built a great big one, we’re told. The classic conundrum: How do you keep want you want in, and keep what you don’t want out?

Gore-Tex unlocked the secret. In 1969, Bob Gore unveiled to the world a product that was waterproof and windproof, yet breathable. Keeping out what you don’t want (water and cold), while keeping in what you do (air and warmth). Truly an incredible product, Gore-Tex has been an industry pioneer for the last several decades, and the leading, most-recognized brand in water- and wind-proof yet breathable outdoor products.

Gore-Tex is PTFE- (polytetrafluoroethylene)-based, and is used in fabrics, sealants, gaskets, insulation and more. But what it’s most famous (and widely-used) for is its rainwear and waterproof insulation for work boots.

How it works is really truly incredible. Gore-Tex material has a microporous membrane which is full of microscopic pores. These pores are about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, yet 700 times bigger than a perspiration molecule. So perspiration can easily pass through the membrane and evaporate, but water and wind cannot get in. It breathes, but keeps out the elements and keeps in the warmth. When you think about it, it’s really pretty remarkable.

Gore-Tex is used extensively in the making of work boots. Some of the most well-known and trusted brands like Wolverine, Danner, and Bates feature Gore-Tex lining. It is, simply put, the tell-tale sign of quality in a pair of work boots. Most importantly and recognizably, Gore-Tex has become synonymous with waterproof boots. While some cheaper boots might claim to be waterproof, there is certainly a difference. They cannot stack up against Gore-Tex’s track record and decades of demonstrated performance.

That’s why Workingperson.com carries such an extensive selection of Gore-Tex products. There are dozens of different varieties of work boots to choose from that feature Gore-Tex insulation to keep your feet dry and warm, with breathable comfort. It’s a combination of quality: When you put on a pair of Gore-Tex work boots from Workingperson.com, you know you’re getting the top of the line in performance and protection. Add Gore-Tex to the mix, and you won’t find a better waterproof work boot.