Quick Guide to Winter Workwear


Love it or hate it, the cold is coming…now is the time to prepare! Knowing the signs of cold stress, frostbite, and hypothermia (in addition to staying dry and drinking warm beverages) are all ways to stay safe when your job calls you outdoors.

When it comes to your work gear, the best way to thrive in the winter is to face the day equipped with apparel that keeps you warm and dry while allowing you to breathe.

Here are some tips on finding the gear that will keep you safe this season:

Base Layers

Layering your clothes provides the ideal insulation to keep you warm. It also gives you the flexibility to add or remove layers, depending on the weather and your activity level. As your inner layer, try using wool, silk, or synthetics to keep moisture away from your body. These fabrics will also hold more body heat than cotton.


You also need a reliable outer layer that offers rain protection and allows some ventilation to prevent you from overheating. Coats and jackets are the key to your outer layer. Carhartt coats and jackets are offered in a variety of selections with fabric technologies like Gore-Tex that are breathable and lightweight, and they provide protection, too.


black carhartt mittens

When it comes to your hands, it’s important to guard against frostbite. Gloves with an inner layer made of light and thin synthetic material or natural wool provide superior protection. Gloves and mitts are a great option since mittens offer more insulation, and gloves give you the dexterity you need on the job. Find the best option for you that lets you complete job site tasks with ease.


Hats reduce the amount of body heat that escapes from your head. Wearing a quality hat that protects your ears as well will help keep your whole body feeling warmer. Neck warmers, ear warmers, and face masks are other useful accessories to warm your body from the top down.


Your feet are another area that can be at risk for frostbite and need to be fully protected. When temps plunge, use two layers of socks. An inner liner sock of synthetic material can help wick away moisture and an outer sock of blend can add insulation to keep the cold out. Be sure not to wear too many socks, as that could potentially cause a decrease in circulation.


Features like insulation and waterproofing are important to consider when choosing your winter footwear. The higher the gram rating for insulation, the warmer the boot will be. Some footwear feature GORE-TEX membranes for waterproofing, while others have a waterproof leather and liner. KEEN boots feature KEEN Dry technology which wicks moisture away from your feet and keeps it out.


black carhartt overalls

Insulated bib overalls are a functional and effective option for workers who need to get tough jobs during the cold months. Providing coverage up the back down to your boots, this impressive workwear can give you heavy-duty warmth plus practical features like plenty of storage.

Find all of the winter gear you need to keep you safe and warm this season at Working Person’s Store.

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