Ease Muscle Pain with the Shiatsu Pal and Tiger Tail Tools

Trigger Point Therapy

You wear comfortable shoes, you lift with the legs, you stretch before exercising and you take all of the necessary precautions to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine. However, even the most diligent among us can suffer the pain of muscle fatigue, aching, and soreness. When you work long days filled with physical tasks or you are constantly on your feet, discomfort and pain is inevitable and can sometimes just become more aggravated the more you continue to work. We all know you can’t just take a sick day for your aching feet, so it’s a vicious cycle!

If this story sounds all too familiar, then The Working Person’s Store has some good news for you. A variety of body massagers are now available at The Working Person’s Store that will save you hours of working through pain on the Continue Reading…

Crocs @ Work Now at WorkingPerson.com

Crocs @ Work @ WorkingPersonOriginally developed as a spa shoe, it’s no surprise that Crocs have built their reputation on out-and-out comfort. Founded in 2002, they took their first design (‘The Beach’) to a Florida boat show and sold out all 200 shoes in a matter of hours. But it wasn’t until 2006 that they really caught the public’s imagination.

Since then the Crocs brand has gone from strength to strength, and divided public opinion equally, every comfortable step of the way. So while the fashionista’s turned their noses up, the public kept on buying. Partly because they were so easy to wear, but also being seen regularly on the feet of famous faces like Michelle Obama did the brand no harm either.

But far from ever courting the affections of the rich and famous, at the core of Crocs’ more recent marketing has Continue Reading…

Bulwark Made FR Apparel More Awesome

Bulwark FR IQ Workwear Series

When it comes to working in dangerous jobs, FR is important – it’s the difference between life and death. So the launch of Bulwark FR’s new IQ Series, designed to be the future of FR, is really worth a closer look.

With over 100 PhD’s involved in development, it’s seriously scientific stuff. The difference is, they haven’t forgotten about comfort. Wearability is extremely important and the IQ Series wants to free FR apparel from its bulky, sweaty, scratchy, shackled past.

Teaming up with performance materials company Milliken, Bulwark worked on increasing the flexibility, strength, and breathability of their fabrics. And the designs are based on stylish cuts, practicality, and comfort, Continue Reading…

Staying Dry is the Key with CoolMax

Coolmax Performance Fabric

In cold weather, proper safety workwear is very important. For achieving this purpose, many high-tech fabrics have been introduced. The main distinguishing quality of these high-tech fabrics is their layering techniques. The layering of clothing is not only popular for staying warm in cold weather, but also it’s key to staying dry.

Staying dry and warm, even with high-tech fabrics like the ones used in FR clothing, is an amazing facility for many working people. The proper layering of clothing consists of three main layers. The base layer is meant to keep the moisture away. The middle layer is for insulation purposes. Finally, an outer layer helps to keep the moisture and wind out.

Until now, the best moisture-wicking fabrics had been silk and wool, but with the advancement in moisture-wicking Continue Reading…

ANSI/ISEA 201-2012 Standard: Choosing PPE for Cold Temperatures

American National Standards Institute

In frosty weather, going for a job without proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is quite risky and it can make you severely ill as well. All you need for a cold weather job in cold is the right kind of PPE. Its quite confusing to choose workwear for cold temperatures because you cannot always guess how much insulation will be needed. You also cannot be sure that your workwear will protect you from the cold winds that happening during the winter.

Many employees need help in selecting the right kind of PPE for working in cold temperatures. The American Standard for Classification of Insulation Apparel used in frigid work environments (ANSI/ISEA 201-2012) is now offering help to such employees, as well as employers. This help is being provided through a set of guidelines, which are especially tailored to answer how one can stay safe from the cold temperature’s hazardous effects. This standard Continue Reading…

Simple Steps to Extend the Life of Your Work Boots


When you purchase a pair of high-quality work boots or shoes, you are making an investment.  You shop hard to find the best boot for your job with all of the right features and expect your boots to work for you by providing comfort and safety.  Quality boots have the potential to last you years and years and suffer minimal damage.  However, you must do your part and care for them properly and, thus, extend their life.

Owning a pair of boots made from leather or synthetic materials requires regular maintenance.  To preserve leather, you must clean it to remove dust and dirt and apply a leather conditioner.  Different leathers and materials, however, require different care steps.  It is important to read the label or box that comes with your boots to determine what materials they are made from.  From there, you can take the necessary steps to care for them. Continue Reading…

Muck Boot Company Contributes To Hunter’s Rescue


There’s a very good chance that you woke up today, and didn’t give the risks of your job a second thought. In fact, most of us never really think of the harm that could come upon when we are at work. For 28-year-old Colin Philips, a hunter in Alabama, NY, it was just another day at work until trouble hit the unsuspecting man. Philips went hunting in the Alabama swamps alone (which was his first mistake) since his partner was out of town. While walking deep into the swamp, he attempted to track down a deer, but lost it. “I should have been with somebody, or waited for somebody to come help me track the deer. Obviously, that’s hindsight now,” said Philips. Continue Reading…

Enjoy the Outdoors With the Right Winter Apparel


For many, winter is a dreaded time of year.  The roads are hazardous, the weather is unpleasant, and let’s not forget about the frigid temperatures that often keep up cooped up indoors.  However, with the right winter outerwear, you can enjoy your favorite cold weather sports like snowmobiling and skiing or comfortably complete your daily errands without feeling like you’re turning into an ice cube.

One of the best ways to make the most out of your winter gear is to layer up.  Layering allows you to add and remove articles of clothing based on your own personal comfort.  When layering, you want to keep three main layers in mind: wicking, insulating and weather protection.  The wicking layer is what you wear closest to your skin.  This layer is what will wick moisture away from your skin so you feel dry and warm.  Continue Reading…

Which Glove Safety Ratings Apply To You?


Glove ratings can be a useful piece of information when it comes to selecting the right gloves for you.  However, the key is to pay attention to the right glove rating when choosing a glove that is right for your specific job.  There are several tests for work gloves that determine the ratings, but which rating is the most important for your task, the test for cut, punctures, abrasion or dexterity?  Reviewing the test standards for safety gloves can give you a crash course in selecting the perfect glove for your workplace.

For cut, the test is simple.  ANSI uses a sharp metal blade that moves across the glove material until it cuts through.  The ratings for cut range from 0 to 5, 0 for less than 200 grams and 5 for over 3500 grams.

Choosing the right puncture test can be a little more complicated.  Puncture tests make use of very different sized probes, a large nail, a small nail and a hypodermic needle.  To choose which test best applies to you, you must consider your specific safety requirement. Continue Reading…

Fox River: An American Made Brand Made for Working People


Proudly made in the USA, Fox River has been providing its services since 1900 as a leading U.S. manufacture of quality work socks, gloves and various other accessories. Since 1900 this brand is making socks in USA and is continuously committed to remain American-made. This company is located at the center of country in Osage, Iowa. Because of this they are able to easily and efficiently distribute their products across the country and around the globe. Continue Reading…

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