National Safety Apparel: Keeping you Safe in all Environments

National Safety Apparel

Here at Working Person’s Store, we’re always keen to share as much as we can about the brands we carry. Why? Because it’s important to us that you know more about the stuff that keeps you safe on the job.

So with your safety in mind, let’s take a closer look at one of our most safety conscious brands, National Safety Apparel. Primarily focusing on industrial clothing, their gear is designed to protect you from electrical arc, heat, and cuts. And they’ve been doing it for over 78 years, designing and making industry leading protective clothing and safety apparel, right here in the USA.

Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, NSA led the way using the very latest fabrics and technologies. They are Continue Reading…

Hi-Tec Footwear Specializes in High-Tech Features

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 3.53.01 PM

If you’re looking for show-off worthy footwear that isn’t short on awesome features, Hi-Tec may be the brand for you.  Whether you’re in need of boots for hiking or for work, Hi-Tec is sure to offer the perfect pair with a generous list of features that will fit your every need and want.

Sports enthusiast Frank Van Wezel created the Hi-Tec brand in 1974.  In fact, his first design was a specialized squash shoe that is still sold today.  From there, Hi-Tec progressed from the simple squash shoe to becoming a world leader in outdoor and sports footwear with distribution in 85 countries worldwide.  Hi-Tec now produces boots, shoes, sandals, and more for men, women, and Continue Reading…

Stay Safe, Be Seen, Wear Hi-Vis

High Visibility Workwear

It all began when Bob Switzer, an American would-be doctor got injured at work. Instead of reading and resting up, he spent his recovery developing a new kind of luminescent paint, that he hoped would help other workers avoid his fate. He also decided to try it out on his wife’s wedding dress, so he was as brave as he was creative.

 Hi-vis clothing is everywhere now and it’s impossible to ignore – the very secret to its success.

And though it started as safety wear for work, studies across the world have all found that to be seen is, ultimately, to be safe. So for cyclists, pedestrians, and all other road workers, high visibility is an important to your workwear.

But it’s always been most vital right where it started out, for workers in all kinds of industries, where being seen is part of your occupation.

Hi-vis or HV is just as important as the tools you use. Simply put, it saves lives. So as you might expect, it comes with Continue Reading…

Carhartt Work Bags: Strength for the Long Haul

Carhartt Work Bags

Carhartt is one of work wear’s biggest name.  Their products are known for their durability, their quality, and their ability to keep you safe and comfortable through a long day of work.  The first garment to bear the Carhartt name goes all the way back to 1889 when Hamilton Carhartt created the first overall garment made specifically for railroad workers.  From there, Hamiliton Carhartt strived to make each one of his products in the highest quality.  Expanding from a company with only 4 sewing machines and 5 employees to one with more than 17 plants and 3 mills throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, Carhartt continues Continue Reading…

Spring Rain? Let your Waterproofs Take the Strain!


It’s March, so spring’s (hopefully) right around the corner. And it’s getting warmer all the time. Great! But it also means we’re probably going to get a bit of rain, too.

 So it’s about the time of the working year you might want to have a think about rain gear. We know, we know, we’d all rather not, but hey, it doesn’t have to be so painful. Rain gear has come a long way from shapeless, rubbery work waterproofs. With advances in fabrics and a whole host of fashion brands getting into the worker’s market, there’s a Continue Reading…

Ease Muscle Pain with the Shiatsu Pal and Tiger Tail Tools

Trigger Point Therapy

You wear comfortable shoes, you lift with the legs, you stretch before exercising and you take all of the necessary precautions to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine. However, even the most diligent among us can suffer the pain of muscle fatigue, aching, and soreness. When you work long days filled with physical tasks or you are constantly on your feet, discomfort and pain is inevitable and can sometimes just become more aggravated the more you continue to work. We all know you can’t just take a sick day for your aching feet, so it’s a vicious cycle!

If this story sounds all too familiar, then The Working Person’s Store has some good news for you. A variety of body massagers are now available at The Working Person’s Store that will save you hours of working through pain on the Continue Reading…

Crocs @ Work Now at

Crocs @ Work @ WorkingPersonOriginally developed as a spa shoe, it’s no surprise that Crocs have built their reputation on out-and-out comfort. Founded in 2002, they took their first design (‘The Beach’) to a Florida boat show and sold out all 200 shoes in a matter of hours. But it wasn’t until 2006 that they really caught the public’s imagination.

Since then the Crocs brand has gone from strength to strength, and divided public opinion equally, every comfortable step of the way. So while the fashionista’s turned their noses up, the public kept on buying. Partly because they were so easy to wear, but also being seen regularly on the feet of famous faces like Michelle Obama did the brand no harm either.

But far from ever courting the affections of the rich and famous, at the core of Crocs’ more recent marketing has Continue Reading…

Bulwark Made FR Apparel More Awesome

Bulwark FR IQ Workwear Series

When it comes to working in dangerous jobs, FR is important – it’s the difference between life and death. So the launch of Bulwark FR’s new IQ Series, designed to be the future of FR, is really worth a closer look.

With over 100 PhD’s involved in development, it’s seriously scientific stuff. The difference is, they haven’t forgotten about comfort. Wearability is extremely important and the IQ Series wants to free FR apparel from its bulky, sweaty, scratchy, shackled past.

Teaming up with performance materials company Milliken, Bulwark worked on increasing the flexibility, strength, and breathability of their fabrics. And the designs are based on stylish cuts, practicality, and comfort, Continue Reading…

Staying Dry is the Key with CoolMax

Coolmax Performance Fabric

In cold weather, proper safety workwear is very important. For achieving this purpose, many high-tech fabrics have been introduced. The main distinguishing quality of these high-tech fabrics is their layering techniques. The layering of clothing is not only popular for staying warm in cold weather, but also it’s key to staying dry.

Staying dry and warm, even with high-tech fabrics like the ones used in FR clothing, is an amazing facility for many working people. The proper layering of clothing consists of three main layers. The base layer is meant to keep the moisture away. The middle layer is for insulation purposes. Finally, an outer layer helps to keep the moisture and wind out.

Until now, the best moisture-wicking fabrics had been silk and wool, but with the advancement in moisture-wicking Continue Reading…

ANSI/ISEA 201-2012 Standard: Choosing PPE for Cold Temperatures

American National Standards Institute

In frosty weather, going for a job without proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is quite risky and it can make you severely ill as well. All you need for a cold weather job in cold is the right kind of PPE. Its quite confusing to choose workwear for cold temperatures because you cannot always guess how much insulation will be needed. You also cannot be sure that your workwear will protect you from the cold winds that happening during the winter.

Many employees need help in selecting the right kind of PPE for working in cold temperatures. The American Standard for Classification of Insulation Apparel used in frigid work environments (ANSI/ISEA 201-2012) is now offering help to such employees, as well as employers. This help is being provided through a set of guidelines, which are especially tailored to answer how one can stay safe from the cold temperature’s hazardous effects. This standard Continue Reading…

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