Find out about the latest workwear products right here. We carry high quality brands you can trust, like Wrangler, Carhartt, Caterpillar, and more, so you’ll be able to discover all we have to offer as you click through our blog. Read about our most recent products, and you’ll quickly become knowledgeable on their safety and comfort features. There are too many men’s and women’s workwear items to mention, so check them out within our blog posts and website!

Known for being a manufacturer of riding boots, along with other equipment and apparel for equestrians, Ariat continues to expand its product selection. The company provides engineered Western style boots for riding, work, and casual wear, and they've sponsored many equestrian events. (Check out the Ariat boots that are available at Working Person's Store. An Ariat t-shirt is also up for grabs for a limited time with an Ariat purchase of just $59 or more!) Ariat is now proud to offer Ariat Work FR, which is a line of flame-resistant workwear that's designed specifically for people who work in hazardous work environments. Electricians and those who work in the utility, gas, oil, and petrochemical fields who are at risk of electric arc [...]

It's been a long day. You sit down and slowly take off your old work boots, and you dread what's next - peeling off those nice, wet socks. When your work footwear can't handle the rain, and it gets soaked all the way through, your feet take the hit as well. There are better options for you. Waterproof footwear is designed specifically to keep your feet and socks dry. It's as simple as that. You might think this only includes rain boots, and perhaps you're already imagining yourself jumping through puddles with a brightly-colored pair of them. While that might sound like fun (and nobody's stopping you), there are various kinds of waterproof shoes that'll make sure the elements stay on the outside - where they belong. Carolina footwear is [...]

We all have a bunch of stuff to carry. We aren’t octopuses, so our hands are only capable of a limited amount of holding. (Though we often surprise ourselves by somehow handling 20+ plastic grocery bags in one single trip from the car - it’s almost a miracle.) Make all that heavy lifting a much better process by slinging one of these Carhartt bags over your shoulder. If you like to keep all of your electronics and gadgets in one place, there's a Carhartt briefcase bag just for you. It even features Rain Defender technology to make sure your stuff remains dry, and the water-resistant base is made out of a durable Duravax material. You can store your laptop in this, and there are compartments to stash files, notebooks, and other important [...]

Sunglasses That Are All About Safety

When you’re cruising around town on a bright summer day (in your sports car, duh), you’re probably wearing sunglasses. If you’re not, you definitely [...]

Celebrate America with USA-Made Products

America…the land of the free, home of the brave - the place where quality products are made! Whether it's the 4th of July or the middle of December, [...]

Arc Defender Fabric: Flame-Resistant Workwear

At Working Person's Store, we take pride in taking care of our customers. That includes providing you with protective clothing you can trust. Your [...]

Nobody Likes Swamp Ass

Perhaps you've heard of swamp ass. It's just about as unpleasant as it sounds, and coming down with a case of it can really ruin your day. Those tough [...]

Grundens: Making Your Work Life Drier!

Imagine a group of fishermen on a boat, hoping to catch enough fish to support their families. They have to work - rain or shine - to make sure they [...]

Teva: Comfortable and Durable Sandals Since 1984

When it was first created in 1984, the Teva sandal was thought to be the first amphibious, athletic sandal. The sandals were invented by Grand Canyon [...]

Madison Bumgarner Joins Carhartt's 2015 Spring Campaign

Madison Bumgarner proudly wore Carhartt shirts long before his recent partnership with the women's and men's workwear company. But the left-handed MLB [...]

Dickies: Quality Workwear Since 1922

If you asked someone to tell you about the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, odds are they’d have a hard time coming up with anything to say. [...]

Wool vs. Merino Wool

If you wear clothes, it’s safe to assume two things about you. First, that you probably do not get as many strange looks in restaurants as those [...]

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