Georgia Boot Updates Iconic Eagle Light Collection


Georgia Boot has again showed that it is a brand for all, as it updated and made available its lightest general work boot collection, Eagle Light, to both men and women. The marketing manager of Georgia Boot, Mr. Jordan Gottke said, “we usually introduce new collections with mostly men’s styles, but we were so excited about the Eagle Light, we thought it would be a mistake to not offer it to women as well”. He adds that once you put on a pair, you might forget you are wearing work boots; the Eagle Light collection will not weigh you down and the patented Comfort Core footbed will keep you comfortable all day long. Continue Reading…

Workrite Insulated FR Workwear


Workrite listened to customers’ needs by teaming up with Westex and 3M to develop their 578 Series insulated fire-resistant workwear - a Thinsulate Platinum fire-resistant insulated line of outerwear that is 44% warmer that the standard insulated workwear. It will stand up to the elements with its durable modacrylic quilting systems that endure even industrial launderings.  The oversized hoods on the flame-resistant insulated duck hoodies will accommodate a standard hard hat, but this is insulated off-work, workwear clothing, too, that’s perfectly suited for building a fire or running to the store on a frigid winter day.

When you know you’re on the jobsite wrapped in 3M Thinsulate, fire-resistant clothing, it can put a smile on your face on a gray, snowy day.  Wearing Workrite’s FR 588 Series fire-resistant bib coveralls underneath the new 526 Series Navy Duck insulated Field Coat will not only help keep the wind at bay, it will keep you nice and toasty warm, too. The Workrite insulated FR bibs are made with adjustable straps for a snug fit and a comfortable assurance from the weather.  The new Navy Duck Field Coat has a stand-up collar that conceals snaps for an optional hood. Two chest pockets with unseen snap closures can hold whatever gear you need for the outdoor, cold-weather tasks at hand – whether they are for personal or on the jobsite wear.  And there’s even a one-year guarantee on these quality insulated FR garments from normal wear. For more Workrite, fire-resistant or insulated workwear remember to stop by Keep an eye out for more Workrite insulated FR products as they will become available in 2013.

Berry Compliance Uniform Standards


There are many bristling questions, which are faced by government contractors. The most challenging among them is the matter of domestic preference programs. These domestic preference programs include the Trade Agreements Act, Buy American Act, Free Trade Agreements, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Defense Authorization Acts and Appropriations Acts and the Berry Amendment. Some certain laws among these add complications for the sake of ethics and for the purpose of other compliance programs. Therefore, the companies should take into consideration their supplies source, as the violation can result in a great loss of both time and money.

The most concerned law among all the domestic preference laws is the Berry Amendment. The Berry Amendment for military footwear and clothing was established for a narrowly defined purpose, to ensure that the U.S troops wore military uniforms wholly produced within the United States and the food products for the U.S troops were produced in the United States. Continue Reading…

Workplace Injuries Facts and Stats

Construction Has High Worker Injury Rate

As the nature of jobs and the working schedules have become tougher, workplace injuries have become very much common these days. Keeping this fact in mind, all the workers and their employers should consider the newly released facts and stats about workplace fatalities and injuries, so that efforts could be made in order to reduce the number of workplace injuries and deaths. The careless choice of workwear and other work accessories causes most of these deaths and injurie and, because of  this, is striving to provide quality safety accessories and workwear for Working People. Have a look at some of the highlights of these facts and statistics. Continue Reading…

Flexible Durable Neoprene Rubber Boots by Tingey


Declare your feet safe in Tingley Rubber‘s Neoprene Snugleg Boots, manufactured with a mulit-ply method that outwears standard rubber boots in challenging or chemical environments.  Ideal for food processing and chemical work, these work boots are designed for tough and wet industrial environments.
Continue Reading…

ANSI/ISEA 201-2012 Standard: Choosing PPE for Cold Temperatures


When the weather is cold, it is important to show up for the job prepared.  The fact that your workwear will need insulation that will allow you to complete tasks comfortably while staying warm is obvious, but we may not always know how much or how little insulation we need.  Another question we may ask ourselves while we prepare for work in frigid temperatures is, will the clothing keep us protected from cold for the intended life of the product? Continue Reading…

The Wide Selection of Red Kap Uniform Shirts

Red Kap Shirts

Looking to throw off the winter doldrums and give your gear a facelift? Boasting one of the largest color ranges in the working world, Red Kap Uniforms has the style and palette to fit any workwear brand.

One of the easiest ways to brighten your mood and your workwear is to add a splash of blue. Color psychologists agree that blue is perceived as ‘peaceful’ and ‘loyal’. That may be be true because it’s always been used abundantly in uniforms and workwear throughout history. Red Kap offers 5 varieties of blue alone in their mainstay Men’s Industrial Short Sleeve (SP24) and Long Sleeve Shirt (SP14) series. Continue Reading…

Edge Eyewear Protective Glasses Prevent Eye Injury

Edge Safety Eyewear

How do you protect yourself when you don’t even see it coming? With Edge Eyewear, the leading producer of rigorously tested and proven safety eyeglasses, they’ve got you covered in any situation.

With more than 10,000 eye injuries EVERY DAY in North America alone, it’s important to be very choosy about protecting one of your most valuable assets – your eyesight.

Sporting an impressive 100% effective repellent rate with a test of 6 shots from a nailgun within 5 seconds as seen here, Edge’s exclusive polycarbonate lense formula was the first to become compliant with ANSI’s (American National Standard Institute) strict requirements. Continue Reading…

The Various Fits of Filson Shirts

Different Filson Shirt Fits

Filson is a brand that has been around for ages. With that time they have found just the right touches to add to their products, making them, often, lifetime partners. The new and improved shirt styles, along with their old traditional ones demonstrate that Filson is no less concerned with materials and craftsmanship than ever before, so these updated shirts still speak the company’s “might as well have the best” motto.  With the new fits that Filson offers, three distinct style lines now provide that much better comfort for different body types and muscular structure as well as appearance and versatility.  Filson now fits you, your sense of style, as well as your outdoor activities.  Continue Reading…

Under Armour’s Newly Introduced Infrared Workwear


Under Armour’s latest innovative technology creates a living, breathing body warmer in its ColdGear: Infrared Base Layers– keeping you warmer, longer.

Under Armour is known for its historic wicking microfiber garments since 1995.  With one revolutionary T-shirt that founder Kevin Plank created, he changed performance clothing (and perhaps the performance, too) one NFL team by one after the other.  The thought that drove him – and still inspires the company’s research is: there has to be something better.  So this winter, there’s yet another new innovation to UA’s 2013 line, the ColdGear line: Infrared. Continue Reading…

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