Fulcrum Boots by Wolverine: Tried and Tested


Tried for product performance by Seattle Backpackers Magazine.com again this winter, Wolverine Boots’ Fulcrum Hiking Boots “fit like a glove” after a break-in period, said the author who recently re-tested Fulcrum hiking boots and commented in a review in January of this year.  Waterproof and with an Individual Comfort System inside the sole, these sturdy hikers were talus-filled, mountain-tested about 250 miles, a “go-to” hiking boot that can weather fall, winter, and spring…and also last many more seasons with extreme comfort. Continue Reading…

ASTM F2413 – 11 Footwear Safety Standards



When you are on the job, you always briskly do your tasks to meet the quality and deadlines that are set for you. You have so much to do on the already that you cannot think anymore about your safety. In such hustle and bustle of jobsite activities, in case you fall down while walking quickly, you always face risks of foot fracture, especially the toe area. While rushing to get done the routine workplace works, you cannot think or guess if your steel toe boots are made with a good safety toe protective cap or not. Daily you are just at the mercy of your safety footwear and hope that they will keep you safe from any foot or toe fractures. Continue Reading…

Carhartt Force: A New Workwear Line for the Hard Worker


Carhartt proudly makes the best work wear around and they have done it again. To add to their work line pillars Quick Duck, Weathered Duck, and FR Apparel, Carhartt has created a new line called Force. Carhartt Force is apparel built for ten hour work days, not two hour workouts. In other words, the harder you work, the harder Carhartt Force works for you. Carhartt Force is joining the Carhartt family this summer. The line has men’s and women’s clothing. Carhartt Force also makes flame-resistant and high-visibility apparel.  Continue Reading…

Stanley Releases Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Mugs


Paying tribute to the original Stanley beverage products, the company is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in part by re-releasing two limited edition designs, inspired by the early originals. The best of the vintage styles of green texture and shiny stainless merged with the company’s years of experience and improvements in quality. Replenish your beverage carrier choices with a classic look and quality function.

The classic brushed green 100th anniversary bottle taken directly from the beloved 1944 version  reminds me of great-grandpa, carrying his coffee with him to have in the truck all day – hot and plenty of it for cold days, especially. (Of course, he probably had that WWII era original.)  He made sure he was refilling his coffee needs from his own pocket and not stops along the way.   Continue Reading…

What is OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269?


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 29 CFR1910.269 comprises of the operation and maintenance of electric power generation, control, transformation, transmission and distribution lines and equipment. OSHA standard CFR1910.269 has brought many occupational safety principles for the protection of all the workers working in workplaces where there is always risk of injuries due to electric shocks or fire burns. Until now OSHA 1910.269 is the one and only law enforced by federal authorities, which requires FR clothing. For flame-resistant clothing, it is stated in this law, the employer shall ensure that each employee who is exposed to the hazards of flames or electric arcs does not wear clothing that, when exposed to flames or electric arcs, could increase the extent of injury that would be sustained by the employee. Continue Reading…

Oil and Gas Industry Injuries Steadily Declining


Good news for the oil and natural gas industries was revealed in a report from the American Petroleum Institute (API).  The report stated that operational injuries and illnesses for the oil and natural gas industries occur at a lower rate then the average for the private sector.  In addition, injuries and illnesses in this industry has been steadily declining.  The industry rate in 2011 (2.3 incidents per 100 full-time workers compared to 3.5 incidents for all of the private sector) shows a seven percent decrease since 2010 (the private sector average remained the same).  What is particularly impressive is that although industry and illness rates are declining, the oil and natural gas industries have significantly increased their production levels in recent years. Continue Reading…

LaCrosse Outdoes Hunting Boot Industry with AeroHead Boots and New AeroForm Technology


Summer is making its way to the Midwest, but when next fall’s deer hunting season opens, the latest technology from LaCrosse Boots will be available to hunters who want the best hunting boots on the market in the company’s new AeroHead boots.  They meet all the critical elements of a hunting boot – comfort, fit, durability, and weight. So, if your last season’s boots aren’t calling you back on the hunt (at least in your mind for the time-being) with the feel, comfort, and flexibility of a light-weight running shoe and ultimate durability for wet and cold, it’s time to consider the ground-breaking new scentless boots that will exceed expectations and carry you well next season. Continue Reading…

Keen Utility Brings New Work Boots for Spring 2013


The summer days are quite hard for all the working people, who work hard from dawn to dusk. The hot climate gets harsh on your feet, especially when you are wearing safety footwear, you feel sweaty and messy. Your feet need enough breathability to keep you comfortable in hot weather. Keeping in view the needs of the working person, KEEN Utility is now bringing the warm weather work boots in spring 2013. These warm weather work boots by KEEN Utility are a kind of luxury for all the workers who want to feel safe and comfortable in their work boots.

Based in Portland, Oregon, KEEN Inc., was founded in 2003. Keen provides high quality hybrid products, especially for people who have an active outdoor lifestyle. It was launched to provide safe and durable footwear that could change the typical outlook of people regarding safety footwear. Continue Reading…

Harley Davidson Takes Biker Boots Off Road


Can’t say Harley Davidson isn’t revved up for 2013.  A licensee of Wolverine Worldwide, think Harley Davidson Boots and Footwear and you might conjure up tattoos, bandanas, muscle, and men, as well as the studliness and hefty metal buckling of biker boots that accompany them; but while the classic riding boots for the burly, bearded bikers (and the women who don motorcycle boots and bikes themselves) are still there, Harley Davidson Footwear has shifted gears toward more fashion-forward silhouettes.  Without losing its biker heritage or weathered leathers, the company’s new contemporary foray whispers the Harley Davidson legacy, holds tight to quality, and takes footwear off road.
Continue Reading…

Wolverine Contour Welt Work Boots


In the daily hustle and bustle of your job you sometimes forget what an employee really needs to get their job done comfortable and done right. Many of the jobs need the employee to to stand and walk long hours, so in such cases hitting the jobsite with longwearing comfort and durability under your feet is what all you really need. Suitable safety footwear makes the worker steadier on his feet, safer, more comfortable and better at his job. If you compromise the health of your feet with some inferior quality and price boots then you will not be able to work efficiently, as they will keep making your feet dragging and sore. Keeping in mind the various comfort needs of workers at the workplace, many shoe making companies are employing different advanced technologies to provide their customers with the best experience and Wolverine boots are one such technology-based boots. Continue Reading…

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