Reebok Women’s RB454 Anomar Safety Toe Tennis Shoes Are Bestsellers


If you are an athletic woman or always plans for some adventurous endeavors then Reebok Women’s RB454- Anomar Athletic Safety Tennis Shoes are perfect for you, as Reebok’s slogan also says “LIVE WITH FIRE”.  Reebok is a well-known brand for quality and comfortable sports shoes and apparel for men, women and kids. It provides exciting accessories for all those who are adventurous and highly spirited. Continue Reading…

New Icon and Labels Tell Whether FR Garments Meet NFPA 2112 Requirements


Fire resistant labeling is a clothing industry standard; but “buyer beware” because labeling information can be misleading, especially if you require the NFPA 2112 Standard for your flame-resistant garments and workwear.  Subtle wording by manufacturers can look like claims that do not actually live up to the FR Standard…the old adage is one to heed.  In order to comply with NFPA mandates, Bulwark FR Apparel, the company that knows people aren’t fireproof, assures its labels  — and its industrial flame resistant workwear – both certifiably meet the strict third party requirements.

Any variation from the perfect wording means you could be compromised with your industrial flame-resistant workwear performing in a just-in-case event. The label that meets the NFPA 2112 Standard reads: “This flame-resistant garment meets the requirements of NFPA 2112 Standard on the Flame-Resistant garments for the protection of industrial personnel against flash fire.” Anything else, like those listing numbers that look official but aren’t, could mean your work clothing composition won’t protect you as intended.  For quick and easy identification of FR that meets the NFPA requirements, Bulwark garments certified by Underwriters Laboratories also is marked with an NFPA 2112 icon. Continue Reading…

Thorogood’s Slip-Resistant ASR Footwear


There are many important factors that go into staying safe on the job, that is why you should never overlook wearing the right safety footwear for the job you do. From turning quickly on slippery surfaces to fast-tracking over uneven grounds, you want each step at work to be safe.  You need quality footwear that is made for the work you do. Thorogood boots and shoes have been in the market for years, and have grown to be a extremely trusted work footwear brand. With the best interest of the wearer in mind Thorogood athletic styles shoes go above and beyond with their sole’s gripping ability. Continue Reading…

Georgia Boot Partner with Bobcat Company


An appreciation towards the consumers has been shown by the Georgia Boot as it partners with Bobcat Company in order to give away two utility vehicles in the annual Georgia Boot “Walk in our Boots” sweepstakes. These give away will be given to one Georgia Boot consumer and one sales associate at a Georgia Boot retail partner, both will have the chance to win a 2013 Bobcat utility vehicle. In addition to the UTV, the grand prize also includes a free pair of Georgia Boots, a Comfort Core Logger t-shirt and Georgia Boot cap. The total package has an estimated value of more than $16,000. The marketing manager of Georgia Boot, Mr. Jordan Gottke said that Georgia Boot consumers work hard in their boots on the job site, but they work just as hard at home. He adds that we thought we would offer a grand prize this year that truly helps our consumers get the job done.  He also said that we gave away the VIP racing experiences this past year as part of our national sweepstakes and it was so well received, we decided to bring it back for 2013. Continue Reading…

USMC Footwear Regulations


The USMC has issued the regulations for their footwear. In these USMC footwear regulations, a general description is also given for the type of footwear that will be allowed to wear at workplace. It is stated in the regulations that all the Marines may buy and wear approved commercial black leather and synthetic leather shoes in semi-gloss or high gloss finishes on an optional basis (approval identification not required for pumps). These shoes may be used to satisfy minimum requirements. The Chukka boots are specifically authorized for male officers and SNCO’s only. It is made clear that all the Marines will generally wear clear, smoky gray or black zipper closure overshoes or rubbers of plain design with the uniform during inclement weather. Continue Reading…

F1506: The Standard Performance Specification by ASTM for FR Garments



With the increase in number of electrical and chemical industries, the job opportunities have also increased for workers skilled in these areas. Obviously, this is good news for many workers out there, but the bad news is that the number of fire burn injuries and deaths has also increased to an alarming level in many such industries. The main reason behind all such casualties is insufficient workplace safety. Electrical workers need proper work wear, which should be fire-resistant, but this is also a harsh fact that in many cases the industrial personnel is provided by fire-resistant work-wear, which is not able to protect them effectively against momentary electric arcs. Continue Reading…

Running Comfort on the Job with Thorogood Street Athletics


If shoe comfort is alluding you and you pound the pavement hard to get the job done, Thorogood’s Street Athletics are shoes that will go the distance with you.  Maybe  you’ve got a suspect to pursue fleeing down the alley, but you can’t keep up to catch because your shoes can’t carry you; or, maybe your package couriering has you jumping in and out of the truck and up and down flights of stairs daily, but come evening, you can hardly stand on your sore feet. Or, maybe you’ve actually clocked the miles you walk in the hospital rolling patients in and out of the ER and know you need 12-hour on your feet comfort.  Whatever your job demands, Thorogood Street Athletics will go the distance that feels like one marathon after another. Continue Reading…

Heat Stress Prevention: Monitors Make Sense To Use


Here’s something to think about: Heat Stress is expensive. A 2010 study in the state of Washington found that the average cost of a heat-related illness claim was $3,682. There were 483 of these claims. That adds up quick. Here are some more startling statistics: From 2003-08, the U.S. Department of Labor found that there were not only 177 deaths caused by “Exposure to Environmental Heat” in the private workforce, but also 13,580 missed days of work for the same reason. That’s a lot of losst productivity. Obviously, the safety and well-being of your employees comes before any measure of money. That certainly goes without saying. But there’s no denying that preventing heat stress not only is good for the health of your employees, but also for the health of your company’s bottom line. Continue Reading…

Tingley’s Phase 3 High-Visibility Jacket is Ideal for Athletes and Workers


Tingley’s Phase 3 Soft Shell Jacket could be among the spring snowboarder’s most valuable outer wear gear items.  Especially in the powder that dumps this time of year out West this outwear proves its value with water resistance, windproof function, and high visibility – well, avalanches aren’t an every day occurrence, but the dangers of those and getting lost backwoods are there for the adventurous.  Might as well be seen in the “if…” situation; sporting Phase 3’s yellow-green jacket provides excellent daytime visibility and reflector tape stripes “in case.” Continue Reading…

Keen Utility Introduces Up To Date Footwear Construction


Keen Utility is the famous brand for always-introducing innovative and progressive footwear designs, and like always for fall 2012, Keen Utility Footwear is introducing for the first time a new arena of durable footwear in the form of KEEN.Welt. Once again, this brand is opening new avenues of high-tech and on the edge ideas in the industry of footwear. Keen Utility is setting groundwork, which is unmatchable in the market of work boots. KEEN.Welt is an exclusively designed footwear construction to provide the workers with improved experience of durability. The Division Director of KEEN Utility, Mr. Mark Reilly said, “KEEN was founded on the unique idea of creating multi-purpose hybrid footwear that blends form and function. He further added, “We took this philosophy when creating KEEN Utility, making an innovative collection of work footwear that combines safety, comfort and performance. KEEN.Welt carries this mission of innovation even further as we build safety footwear that will protect, perform and outlast even the toughest conditions.” Continue Reading…

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